Congratulations to Blake Griffin, who will soon be named this season’s Rookie of the Year, easily the easiest decision of all the postseason awards. He’s the reason why you cared at all about the Clippers, and while you’ll watch two-and-a-half minutes of missed dunks. That’s not why he deserves this Rookie of the Year trophy, but it certainly doesn’t hurt his cause.

(video via Andy Hutchins)

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  1. JaVale’s missed dunks video is longer than Lord of the Rings. Interesting note: Matty O was in both.

  2. Can we get to the more interesting bit about the voting (because, OF COURSE Griffin was going to win)? Greg Monroe finished SIXTH with only 15 total votes. Do the voters actually watch basketball? How do you do that?

  3. He is gonna be my favourite player very soon!

  4. To give a selfish view: the failed Foye-Griffin alley-oop in Miami (Feb 6) at 0:45 provided me pangs of a tied assists category and turnovers lost by one in my fantasy matchup that week, with both Clippers registering five of each that final day. It was hard not to believe that only being on my (at the time underperforming) fantasy team could make the future Slam Dunk champ miss from point blank.

    Funny, Joetothemo.

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