On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and Tas keep things simple when breakin’ down last night’s Heat/Celtics and THUNDERGRIZZLIES. Game 2 topics include: LeBron’s shot selection, the free-throw discrepancy, Wade’s Euro-step crossover, Big Baby, Miami’s small-ball, the Thunder’s defensive activity, Good Russ vs. Bad Russ, and Perk’s elbows. All that, plus Derrick Rose’s emotional MVP speech, Chris Paul’s hat and friends — GASP! — and cheap improv classes. Enjoy.

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Comments (18)

  1. Jeff Harden :D hes like Jeff Green but with a big bushy beard and a mohawk

  2. CP3 is a sick bowler, if you can believe it. Getting his Lebowski on.

  3. I thought Bosh looked really sharp yesterday. Surprised you guys didn’t mention him. Rondo looked stoned and Pierce looked hungover. Ray and Garnett cannot carry this team.

  4. Is that improv class taught by Carl Weathers? Are you trying to pursue your dream a la Tobias Funke?

  5. I wonder if Rondo is going through the same thin that Steve Francis went through after the Magic shipped out Mobely, because Rondo has just not been the same since the Perkins trade.

  6. First off, I’m a DIEHARD Celtic fan. Why are Tas and Skeets the only analysts that know how ridiculously overrated Big Baby is? He doesn’t rebound well, he’s the least intimidating paint defender ever, and he takes too many crappy jumpers. The only reason why Shaq coming back would be such a big deal is because he would cut into fat davis’s minutes. +8 differential if Shaq plays 12 minutes. I swear, if the Cs re-sign him again, my fuckin head is gonna explode. Sorry for the rant but I could write 5 pages on this topic.

  7. james harden. remember that name.

  8. You know what was great about Russ last night? DEFENSE. He finally tried on the PnRs and it changed things, greatly. Everyone played better D but his was a bigger improvement because Game 1 was just terrible from him.

  9. Boston Celtics = San Antonio East. The downfall has begun.

    That being said, I still disklike the Heat and hope that they won’t win a title in the next 10 years…

  10. James Harden?
    Jeff Harden?
    Jeff Hardy?

  11. still surprised no Nick L. comment, kinda curious to see if he’s still optimistic about the celtics chances

  12. As a Celtics fan, I can’t say that I’m not disappointed that they didn’t get one of the first two in Miami, but as long as they hold their own homecourt, they still have two more chances to steal a game down there.

    Bottom line is that Boston has not played well in either game. Miami’s defense deserves a lot of credit for that, but Boston needs to, and has the ability to play better on both ends of the court, particularly defensively.

  13. i’m the real Nick L.! don’t trust the other Nick L.’s silence!

  14. Do not compare Steve Nash to Russell Westbrook. Forgotten in that spurious contention was the two players’ comparative assist to turnover ratio.

  15. “Zach Rando_L_ph”:

    I’m sorry, I usually don’t care when people have a little slip of the tongue, don’t say players names perfectly, etc (eg. Batty-eh vs. Batchay for Battier).

    BUT, since the series started between OKC and Memphis, a certain player – Zach Randolph – has been mentioned continuously by Skeets and Tas.

    However, every time you mention his name, you forget the ‘L’ in Randolph. Please, stop saying ‘Randoph’ and start adding the ‘L’; think of ‘Doph’ Lundgren – no, it’s Dolph!

    Thanks, appreciate it.

  16. Yeah, we’ll get right on that.

  17. Guys, thanks for the concern. I’m just out of town….flying home tonight and going to catch up on the missed Jones episodes.

    On the Celtics: Not optimistic, but not waving the white flag. 3 and 4 are must wins. If they can get those two, then I think it’s a series.

    They’re staying too packed in on D, which they did more in game 2 which actually caused the Heat to get to the rim more (in game 1, they actually did a good job forcing Miami to shoot jumpers). Glen Davis was brutal. He should NEVER be trying to score against a double team.

    They got out of rhythym in game 1 with rondo’s foul trouble in game 1 and Pierce’s injury in game 2. It would be nice to have Shaq and maybe get some time with an actual post presence on offense, even if it’s only for a short time.

    Again, not confident, but I don’t think they’ve played well at all. Meanwhile, Miami has been flooring me with how great they look (if they keep this up I’ll be the first one to praise them for hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy).

  18. game 2 with Pierce’s injury.

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