On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skates and Tom do what they do best: swear, read notes, and make bad puns. (“Jeff Fa-Teague?” Sigh.) Game 2 topics include: Why the Lakers struggled so much with the Mavericks’ high pick-and-roll, Carlisle “out-coachin’” Phil Jackson, Steve Blake’s rough night, whether Ron Artest should be suspended for his late game foul on Barea, the Bulls getting back to what they do best (defense, rebounding), the Hawks getting back to what they do best (hilarious shot selections), Rose’s ankle, Boozer’s confidence, and much, much more. Chime in below.

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Comments (19)

  1. Dallas fans everywhere: please don’t go up 3-0 and lose the series, please please please

  2. Matty’s leprechaun laugh after Tas’ sauteĆ© joke = hilarious

  3. Haha why is it Tas is the only one with notes? Skeets, do you do any work for this show?

  4. Skeets is getting lazy!

  5. That PnR with Dirk and JJ was hilarious. The Lakers were, in effect, doubling Dirk WITHOUT THE BALL. That’s some damn respect. “Barea, take this open lane and take the ball to the hoop. We are more worried about Dirk out here at 20 feet without the ball.”

  6. These all pretty much express how i feel right now…


  7. shit the last one was a mistake, this is the one i meant to link http://cheezburger.com/View/4728775936 I’m still not jumping ship tho ill go down with the lakers…

  8. Ohhh nnnoooosss ..Sky is falling …….

  9. [...] he probably read about this concept in some nerdy self-help book. As Skates and Tom mentioned in today’s Fix, no one on the Lakers looks like they can rely on each other defensively. If Bynum steps up on a [...]

  10. Can talk about the Lakers deficiencies all day but as we Blazer fans know, the Mavs are just playing better ball. They are winning these games. They could win it all this year. Dirk is the MVP of the playoffs so far. They are hungry and deep! Congrats to Cuban for building this squad and I’m thinking Dirk is right to say this is the best Mavs team he’s played on. I think it’s going to be a Bulls Mavs finals. I would like to see a Grizzlies Bulls finals but the Mavs look good about now. Skeets doesn’t have piles of notes probably because of some environmental consciousness about wasting paper. Why should two guys have the same info on the desk anyway? Someday you guys will strike it rich and have a teleprompter!

  11. Skeets looks like his from outer space…because of the light in the room. “Capt Skeets”

  12. Matt’s laugh is so creepy.

  13. please make matty laugh on camera more

  14. How about Ibaka or Westbrook pumping up their crowd? Lots of chests being beaten there :D

    Hey, why dont you guys get a couple of iPads like the one Mattie O uses for the live feeds. Get with the tech times guys :D

  15. Should have talked about the highlight of the night..

    Surely better than anything in the hawks/bulls game

  16. Hopefully both the Lakers and Celtics get eliminated. Let’s see some new blood win the championship.

  17. “Offensively, SHIT for the Lakers last night.”

  18. [...] Posted by Trey Kerby under 2011 NBA Playoffs, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers on May 11, 2011 Tas was right. Ron Artest wasn’t trying to clock J.J. Barea in the face. He was just trying to hit him in [...]

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