You’ve heard it a billion times from a billion lowly regarded teams: “We’re going to shock the world.” Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. None of the time is the world shocked for more than six to eight minutes before going to back to wondering what kind of trouble Lindsay Lohan has gotten herself in to. Nonetheless, the saying persists.

But not Shawn Marion. He couldn’t care less about shocking or any of that nonsense, even if his team does have a two-game lead on the two-time defending champions. From the Dallas Morning News:

“Everybody’s shocked about everything,” Shawn Marion said. “Who cares?”

Ha ha. Old Man Marion doesn’t care about people being all shocked about basketball. Such a grump. The guy’s seen it all, so nothing fazes him these days. He’s like Shania Twain in that a two-game conference semifinals lead don’t impress him much. (Someone sound the cool reference siren immediately.)

When you’ve been through what Shawn Marion’s been through — the Amar’e Stoudemire suspension in 2007, playing 27 games with the Raptors, being followed around by Marcus Banks everywhere — these sort of things are no big deal. Besides, if he worries anymore about it, he’ll lose more hair. This is self-preservation.