Sounds a bit extreme, I know, but listening to Andrew Bynum might make you think that the Los Angeles Lakers might need to hop in a trust tree and work things out. From the Orange County Register:

“It’s obvious we have trust issues and unless we come out and discuss them, then nothing will change,” Bynum said after the Lakers were embarrassed, 93-81, in Wednesday’s Game 2 at Staples Center.

Bynum didn’t delve into specifics as to what is causing the team to struggle, but said that “it is quite obvious to anyone watching the game. It’s hesitation on passes, defensively not helping out because he wasn’t there for you before.” [...]

“If we have a good session, which I think we will, we will be able to correct these things,” he said. “If not, we’ll go home.”

Trust issues, no support for one another, not being there for each other — classic pre-divorce warning signs. But nothing that a little therapy can’t help, or at least a few thousand trust falls.

Of course, Andrew Bynum is totally right, because he probably read about this concept in some nerdy self-help book. As Skates and Tom mentioned in today’s Fix, no one on the Lakers looks like they can rely on each other defensively. If Bynum steps up on a pick-and-roll, no one rotates to his man and Brendan Haywood of all people is getting a dunk. In turn, Bynum doesn’t want his man dunking, so he doesn’t hedge as much, leading to an easy drive for a Dallas point guard. It’s a vicious cycle, and that’s without getting in to Kobe Bryant’s long-standing skepticism of anyone who is not Kobe Bryant.

However, there’s still hope. People go for marriage counseling all the time, and you always hear 90-year-old couples who were on the verge of splitting up talking about how happy they are that they stayed together. There’s still time, Lakers. Just open up and share some real emotions with each other. It’s time to get vulnerable, not even.

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  1. The Kardashian curse.

    Let me explain. Last December Kobe Bryant made a 2 year deal with Turkish Airlines. Kim Kardashian asked him to call it off, because of the Armenian genocide thing. Kobe refused. And since Kim Kardashian has magical powers to grant championships (the Kardashian effect), she has put a curse on Kobe not to win another championship as long as he’s getting money from the Turks.

  2. As an Armenian, I was less offended than most with Kobe’s deal with Turkish Air.

    As a Laker fan, if he has given the genocide-hating basketball gods (that term would be pretty much apply to all gods, no?) reason to strike our dynasty down and keep us one banner shy of the Celtics? We’re going to have words.

  3. lol @ Skates and Tom.

  4. I lol @ Skates and Tom all the time too, but let’s give Trip Carter some credit for the blog as well.

  5. lol at Gasol’s woman picture

  6. [...] the only one who didn’t play like he couldn’t wait to go butterfly hunting in the offseason. “The Lakers had trust issues.” Trust issues. We were supposed to believe that a three-peat and $91 million in salaries were going [...]

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