Chicago Bulls 86, Atlanta Hawks 73
What every Bulls fan was hoping would happen — that the Hawks wouldn’t shoot the lights out from three and that they would continue to shoot contested one-legged fall-aways even though they weren’t going in — happened. A late surge by the Hawks cut the lead to six, but this was still pretty much what people expected heading in to the series. Also, I think Derrick Rose just missed another three-pointer.

Dallas Mavericks 93, Los Angeles Lakers 81
I guess I was totally wrong about the Lakers not being in trouble, because they certainly seem to be in trouble. Not that I think it’s out of the realm of possibility that the Lakers could win four of five against Dallas, but because that’s pretty hard to do against a good team. Besides, David Stern wouldn’t let the Mavs lose after they were up 2-0 again, would he? That’s just cruel.