After a season-long campaign to dunk on everything possible — opponents, teammates, a car — Blake Griffin has finally completed the cycle by dunking on himself. He did it at his Rookie of the Year acceptance, and this means that we’ve reached the pinnacle of Blake Griffin dunks. There’s nothing left to achieve. Once a guy has dunked on himself, there is nothing else that can possibly top that.

Except maybe this.

“Nailed it.” — Blake’s photographer

Comments (6)

  1. Most unenthusiastic mouth-agape pose since…nah, too easy.

  2. C’mon photographer dude…. This is not his regular dunking face? Totally unrealistic

  3. lol… i agree the face just doesn’t look right… top photo looks like a realistic dunk

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    Cheers for the read..

  4. That’s such a bad pose! What the hell.

  5. who cares bout the face. Blake will still dunk on all of us if we were standing on each others shoulders. Blake is the MAN

  6. Agreed ..i just youtubed him…

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