As we all know, the Los Angeles Lakers are currently the worst team in professional basketball, since they are the only team still playing to lose two straight home games in the playoffs. That’s called statistics, look it up. As such, people are kind of freaking out, wondering if this is the end of the Lakers’ title run and the premature end of a pseudo-dynasty. Plus, with Phil Jackson supposedly leaving at the end of the season, some think that Tuesday night’s loss to the Mavericks could be Jackson’s last game in Los Angeles.

Not so fast, says Philbert Jackson. In fact, he guarantees Los Angeles hasn’t seen the last of him. From the Los Angeles Times:

“I’d like to cry but I can’t right now,” he said, still continuing a light tone. “It’s a game and we know it’s a game and we play it and we play it hard. And we anticipate winning in Dallas.”

So he hasn’t coached his last game at Staples Center?

“We’ll be back Tuesday,” he said. That would be the day of Game 5.

Maybe I am forgetting something, but that might be our first guarantee of the playoffs. Glad we finally got that out of the way. Pretty weak, though. A coach who has led a team to a title 11 times assuring the media that his team will not be swept in the second round of the playoffs, isn’t quite Joe Namath predicting his team will win Super Bowl III.

Nonetheless, I have to imagine this is a pretty strong limb that Phil Jackson is going out on. Not only would it be pretty surprising for the Lakers to be swept out of the playoffs at any point, I also have a hard time believing that they can’t win one of two on the road with the metaphorical backs against some metaphorical walls. Say what you want about the Lakers not being able to flip the switch, but this is a team full of guys who know what it takes to win in the playoffs — you have to imagine they can win on the road at least once.

Of course, after that who knows? Maybe they win one game, then come back to Los Angeles only to be eliminated on their home floor. At least that way Phil Jackson gets another home game. Not quite the best way to go out, but it sure beats playing two years with the Wizards.