Chris Bosh gets a lot of flack for being a bit of a sissy. The photoshoots, the third wheel-ness, the offensive repertoire built around shooting jump shots all contribute to what everyone always rags on Chris Bosh for — being soft. He’s a great player, just one who can’t really be counted on to carry a team or be there when you really need him.

This certainly doesn’t help his cause. From ESPN’s Brian Windhorst:

When the Miami Heat came on the floor 15 minutes before Game 3′s tipoff Saturday night the arena was darkened and the seats at TD Garden were full. On the videoboard above, the Boston Celtics were shown outside their locker room jumping up and down as the theme from Rocky pulsed from the loud speakers.

It was intimidating and that was before anyone had even broken a sweat. Most arenas are rowdy in the playoffs and in Boston it’s tradition.

The intensity of that atmosphere got to Chris Bosh, something he admitted when looking back on his first road game in the second round. Bosh said nerves were a major factor in perhaps his worst game of the season, a six-point, five-rebound effort in 30 minutes in the Heat’s 97-81 blowout loss.

“Given all the elements that were out there last night … they were so hyped,” Bosh said. “My emotions got the best of me early on and it kind of dictated what I was doing for the rest of the game.”

What he did the rest of the game wasn’t much. Just 6 points on 1-6 shooting to go with five rebounds and an assist in 30 minutes, as the Heat were beaten by 16 by a team with a one-armed point guard. Not bad stats for a guy like Taj Gibson, but pretty terrible for a guy making $16 million to be a third option. And all because he was admittedly rattled by an opposing stadium’s atmosphere.

Credit for being an honest guy — rumor has it that that is the best policy — but this is probably one of those things you don’t want to admit. Bosh seems unaffected by the criticism he gets, but this adds fuel to the fire. Coming up small in a big game is one thing, telling people it was because the crowd had you spooked is another. Everyone has bad outings, but it’s best not to tell everyone it was due to some intense booing. That’ll only make them boo you harder, which in turn will lead to another poor performance and more boos. It’s a vicious boo-cle.

Of course, one way to shut up the hecklers is to play an excellent game. Bosh is certainly capable of that, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he had one of those games where his jumper is on fire and he goes for 25. As long as he doesn’t get booed too much, that is a very real possibility.

If he does get booed, who knows? With that long neck, it’s hard for him to hide inside of his jersey, but I’d love to see him try. Make it happen, Boston.

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  1. Why does it say TBJ in the corner of the pic? Don’t they always show Skates and Tom at the Garden?

  2. hey trey – silly question that has nothing to do with the nba: are you left-handed? (this is a serious question though. i’m having a super stupid theory that i’m testing right now)

  3. No, I’m right-handed. Dad’s a lefty though, if that matters.

  4. I know I’ve been to many games in the garden, and Skeets/Melas are on the screens almost the whole damn game! You’d think they’d show some of the game but no…it’s all Melas playing recorder and Skeets being eating pancakes.

  5. aww dammit my theory turned out to be stupid (surpise). thanks for answering though!
    (btw i really enjoy your style, keep up the great work!)

  6. Boash is a biatch.

  7. Dear Boston Garden,

    Please NEVER play The Sound of Music on our next game.
    That movie reminds me of my red haired pony tailed Grade 6 classmate who used to take my lunch money.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Chris Bosh
    Miami Heat

  8. Bosch went to school sith Bill Walton?

  9. no – with will dalton *lucky luke zing – insert laugh track here*

  10. damn his name was bill! DAMMIT!

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