On today’s lengthy NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and Tas touch on all four playoff series. We’d tell you more, but we’re pretty sure no one reads these written recaps anyway. Comment away, friends!

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Comments (20)

  1. I always read the written recaps!


  2. I always do too! I only have certain times I can watch, so it’s good to get a preview of what’s on tap.

  3. Ouch, how about that giant advertisement for ESPN SportsCenter running across the still frame on your video. There’s no winning.

  4. i too do read the recaps! lazy basterds!

  5. if i learned one thing today it’s that people actually read the written recaps lol

  6. Me too. The more you know …

  7. Haha, Skeets’ arm at 24:02. I’ve done a few impressions of Bogut’s injury, and they pretty much look like that.

  8. Can’t agree with your woa-boy.. Though Josh Smith was strait beastin’ on those statisticz.

  9. I just heard a pretty good and funny comparison between the Lakers and Rocky. As we all know rocky (lakers) lost to apollo creed (celtics) the first time they met, but then in the rematch rocky (lakers) finally beats apollo (celtics). In the third movie rocky (lakers) gets complacent and loses the eye of the tiger and gets absolutely demolished by clubber lang (Mavericks) and to make things worse Mickey dies ( Phil Jackson retires). im leaving out the magic because they dont fit in there very well.

    I was laughing pretty hard hearing this on the radio. Im looking forward to the 4th movie where drago (heat) kills apollo (celtics). haha im reaching i know…

  10. Are you guys doing another Live-stream today?

  11. Thank you Skeets. You are only member of the media to acknowledge that the calls were going against the Hawks for the first 3 quarters of the game. Everyone else seems to being harping on that one call.

  12. @Charles – Livestream at 3ET.

  13. I read your written recaps. Bulls got fucked by Donaghy’s apprentice. Time to root for the Grizz, beasting w/o my boy Gay. Tas, I can never understand your quotes these days

  14. Wilbon throwing crap around and seeing what sticks with those Dwight Howard comments. Howard is no Lebron/Carmelo – he hasn’t even remotely hinted that he wants to leave Orlando.

  15. @Crash – steam work makes the seam work. You know, applying heat to the seam of a garment. Let’s iron out our differences, Crash.

    @The Basketball Holmes – word among those that are in the know is that Dwight can’t stand SVG. Bucher referred to Dwight wanting out in a chat a while back.

  16. Its Danny Crawfords world and were just living in it!!


  18. SO fired up for tonight! 15 minutes until tip. Perfect time to finish up the jones for the day.

  19. @ bodhi bro if u haven’t seen the rocky movies by now u clearly where never gonna watch them.

  20. Tas, care to elaborate who “those that are in the know” are?

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