Not sure exactly what that is, but it looks exactly like him. Another shot after the jump.

(Ink by vicback, via SLC Dunk)

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  1. Will it protect him from gettintg hurt all the time?

  2. A Dragonrider. Nice.
    Very strange Dragon, though.

  3. If were him, I’d totally head to Chipotle, eat a giant bean burrito, and ask people if they want be in “the wind beneath my wings.”

  4. probably the ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen.

  5. Does that dragon have wings, or huge elongated lungs?

  6. Now that is one interesting tattoo.. still doesn’t beat Brock’s sword on the front of his body

  7. Somebody hasn’t seen Red Dragon.

  8. So I guess it is a man riding a dragon riding a man. Very Inception.

  9. Kevlin does not watch enough basketball.

  10. Its his WOW character on a dragon. Thats pretty lame.

  11. The pauldrons are far too small for it to be a WoW character.

  12. you’re welcome!

  13. confirmation by tattoo artist it is his World of Warcraft Character. the fact that you think a WOW character needs to be tattooed to scale cracks me up

  14. i bet deshawn stevenson has his world of warcraft character tattooed on him somewhere too

  15. Is he trying to compete with the Birdman? I guess one of the disadvantages of not making the playoffs is that you have more time to make bad choices.

  16. AK’s alter-ego puff

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