TBJ Top 5, featuring bear hugs

Oklahoma City Thunder at Memphis Grizzlies
Is there any way to make this series go an extra 42 games? Put it in the next collective bargaining agreement please, because that would be great.

Miami Heat at Boston Celtics
OK, so Rajon Rondo can play with one arm dangling at his side. Big deal. If you want to impress me, injure both elbows and do the same thing. That’s an accomplishment.

The Scooter Dance
Dancing with your friends is the new lip-dubs, in that they are taking over the Internet and are very excellent.

Jack Nicholson at Lakers Games
Now that the Lakers have been eliminated from the playoffs, let’s take some time to reminisce about the crazy faces that Jack Nicholson was always making. We lost some great faces out there.

Bethenny Ever After (Bravo — 10pm ET)
This one goes out to all the ladies out there who are getting tired of having to watch the playoffs every night. And to all the guys who watch this show with their ladies. And to anyone who likes this programming, regardless of gender because equality is the greatest. But most of all, this one goes out to all the skinny girls out there. Wassup skinny girls!