Exhibit A — Chris Bosh tips in LeBron’s miss
After kneeing him straight in the stones, Chrissy Chris kind of owed LeBron. That’s why this play — one of the biggest of Bosh’s career — is so nice. It’s a tough make, plus it put the Heat up just enough to hold off the Celtics, making it very tough for the Celtics to pull out the series. Boston could win three straight, but that’s very hard to do. This tip-in is a big reason why that’s even an obstacle.

Exhibit B — Mike Conley forces an overtime
Needing a three to stay alive, the Grizzlies went to Mike Conley, which makes total sense considering he’s shooting .250 from long-range while only having made six threes in the playoffs up until that point. Of course, since this Grizzlies team has been making out with Lady Luck, Conley nailed the shot, giving Memphis a chance to pull off another great win.

Exhibit C — Greivis Vasquez forces another overtime
Which brings us to our third and final contender — Greivis Vasquez, who saw Mike Conley’s miracle three and decided to one-up him by draining his game-tier with one hand. Nice time to take and make your first three of the series. Keep working on that one-handed leaner and it could become a real weapon.

With four overtimes in two games, there were obviously a lot of huge shots. But these were the hugie-hugest of them all. I have a hard time deciding which I like the best since they’re all crazy makes, so I’ll guess I’ll just give all of them participation ribbons like this is a 4-year-old’s tee ball game. I love all of my children the best, but let’s hear what you think, even if that means nominating another of the several incredible shots from last night’s game.