On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, a sleep-deprived Skeets and Tas weigh in on both overtime playoff games. Topics include: Defending Russell Westbrook, chastising and applauding Durantula, the Grizzlies running out of players, Collison on Z-Bo, the Celtics’ late-game offense, Haslem’s return, Garnett vs. Boshtrich, and fouling guys on the fast break. All that, plus sirens, dropped mics, and mad DVR/PVR skills.

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Comments (23)

  1. Durant also got a ton of FTs that skew the FGA battle between Westbrook and Durant.

  2. Basketball is a contact sport, so you can’t really prevent all the injuries.
    Players are gonna get injured and that’s fine.

    I mean: when would a guy be considered “on a fast-break”? does he have to be 3 feet in front of the chaser, or only 1 foot, or 6 feet, to be considered?
    Those are unnappliable rules, man.

    Plus we wouldn’t get all those awesome chase-down blocks, and dunks would be slower (if no-one is gonna block you, just take your time).
    I don’t like this idea.

  3. Skeets, I think you make a good point about preventing injuries on the fastbreak…specifically I’m thinking about Delonte’s shove to the back of Landry Fields when he was going up and could’ve either hit his head on the basketball or gone head first into the ground. However, for something like that, I think you’d have to make exceptions. For instance, if its a 2-on-1 or 1-on-1 and the defender “bear hugs” (to quote Tas) the shooter, that should be fine. I think you mean a clear breakaway right? Almost similar to a penalty on a breakaway in hockey

  4. Breyzh — I’m going to blame it on the less than five hours or sleep I got, but, man, I did a horrible job of explaining that “fast break” idea. Let me take another crack at it on tomorrow’s ‘cast. Spoiler: Jeremy’s sort of got the right idea …

  5. Just a question or whatever on your new fast break rule, Skeets. Definition problem: You can’t touch the guy, but what about blocking him? Sure, that’s allowed, but sometimes there are a lot of contact on blocks too. But is that safe, or what?

  6. Is Tas up or is he havin sex? GF must love that.

  7. Anders — Blocks good; contact bad. I’ll explain tomorrow.

  8. i’ve been on westbrook’s ass all year for not being more point guardy, but last night battier was all on durant’s ass, and noone should give westbrook heat for taking layups

  9. most of the game KD was not making space like he needed, but remember when he did create some space on Battier? Battier flops/falls and KD gets an Off. foul. At times I watched KD have to push away Battier, and when he did, he got space.

    And props for recognizing that Russ kicked serious ass this game. haters can eat it.

  10. Italian Job. Matty’s laugh. Tas big ass wawa bottle. WAS new jerseys, look like 4th of July popsicles
    Skeets, you still rep BDL?!

  11. nvm Yahoo has the other guy’s pic up now -_-

  12. Found you guys yesterday on youtube and now I’m starting to watch your show. I love how layed back you guys can be in your show and it really adds a personal aspect to it in my opinion. Plus your talking about basketball which is always fun to listen to. Can’t wait for the next ones.

  13. Speaking of BDL, we get behind the boxscore very inconsistently over there now. That series is why I kept BDL in heavy rotation. Most of the time I go over there, there isn’t a BtB, and I just move right along.

  14. @Nick– Glad to have you on board! You can expect a new episode the day after every game. Also, feel free to subscribe to the show on iTunes to be sure you don’t miss anything.



  15. Not even 4 minutes into the episode and I’m writing a comment, what a funny intro! ‘HAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAH” – Matt Osten

  16. 2 episodes with the Matt-O deadly laugh© in one week ? Awesome ! :-D

  17. I was hoping to get some acknowledgement that Pierce played a phenomenal game and that the Celtics played great defense (particularly getting back, although that made them even worse than usual on the offensive glass).

    But, I guess people don’t actually care about that. I’ve just been thinking about those things to make myself feel slightly less depressed.

    I agree that they need to change the rule so that they actually call it correctly. Did they just not call that a flagrant because Bibby is smaller than Davis? If it had been Dwight Howard doing it to Bibby, they sure as shit would have called it. Not a play on the ball at all.

    Delonte’s on Landry was bad, but at least by the letter of the law he was actually trying to swat him. Bibby was not in any way.

    You could certainly make a case that Jermaine’s flagrant was much more of a “basketball play” than Bibby’s. Jermaine wound up for sure, but that’s what you have to do if you’re going to block LeBron. I have no problem with the flagrant on Jermaine, but the no-call on Bibby really bothered me.

    Heat were better when it mattered. Window is closed. I’ll enjoy watching the Cs however many more times I can this year, they I’ll begin cheering for Perk and OKC.

  18. Tas is drunk on sleep deprivation.

  19. You are blocked in China!!!
    What did you do to get that?

    Very disappointed

  20. these aren’t unappliable rules to protect fastbreaking players. In fact HS and College have it right where the NBA is off, in that they call INTENTIONAL FOULS, which, in NBA jargon, is the basis for a Flagrant One. Give the team the two shots and the ball back, just like they do in every other league leading up to the NBA (including FIBA).

    A Flagrant Two is what HS and college refs deem Flagrant fouls, dangerous plays that aren’t necessarily basketball plays that may or may not be intentional, just dangerous. Taking out a player from behind would typically constitute a Flagrant foul, resulting in two shots and the ball.

    I seriously think two shots, plus possession should be enough to keep players in check.

  21. and a bear hug is not play on the ball. Also and intentional foul.

  22. from behind that is

  23. Enjoyed the episode…particularly the review of the Memphis-Boston game.

    Thought I saw Darth Vader walking the streets but on second look I realised it was just a fat guy with headphones.

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