This is the sort of thing that could happen to anyone, but would only happen to Nate Robinson. Like, it’s not impossible that Spencer Hawes would get hurt in warmups, but it’s hard to imagine him getting elbowed in the face diving for a loose ball in a pickup game. Nate Robinson though? Not hard to imagine that at all. Kind of expected.

From the Oklahoman:

Thunder reserve guard Nate Robinson suffered a small cut above his left eye when he took an inadvertent elbow from Robert Vaden during a pregame 3-on-3 contest inside FedExForum. The wound required two stitches. The game was stopped immediately.

Hey, if you’re not going to play in the real games, you’ve got to get your reps somewhere. Maybe just don’t go crazy for loose balls that don’t matter. Save your eyes, man. You only get two.