In 1997, the Washington Bullets became the Washington Wizards, leaving behind their red, white and blue color scheme, tremendous logos and connection to America’s capital city. Major downgrade.

Now, the Bullets are back — kinda. As you can see above, the Wizards have gone back to the red, white and blue look, while neglecting to bring back their old name. You win some, you lose some. Nonetheless, this is a major win.

Just like when the 76ers ditched their dated gold-tinged look, the Wizards now look modern while recalling their old uniforms. The jerseys are based on those legendary Bullets throwbacks, they’ve brought back the hands logo and the new shorts are excellent. From looking at these for about five minutes, I’d say they’re one of the best “new” jerseys in the league. My only complaint is the font for the name, which is way too close to the Washington Capitals’ nameplates. Makes sense since the two teams are owned by the same guy, but it’s just a little too early-2000s to me.

Other than my minor quibbles with the font on the front, these are great. The color scheme is better. The jerseys are unique, rather than something that seems like it came from a create-a-team in “NBA Live 2000.” Even the new “monument ball” logo is really good. High five to whoever came up with these.

Along with the introduction of the new look, there is a ton of memorabilia for sale at the Wizards’ store, so go crazy supporting America. There are new cheerleader uniforms as well. Standard fare, but just thought you should know, in the interest of completeness.

A few more shots after the jump. Have a looksy and let us know what you think.