Miami Heat 98, Boston Celtics 90 OT
The Celtics had the ball with 19 seconds remaining in regulation, way more than enough time to get off a game-winning shot. Instead, they completely botched the possession, somehow messing up a high screen-and-roll that even the hackiest of 3-on-3 teams have mastered. Then they scored four points in overtime, dropping a winnable game to go down 3-1 on the way to a Game 5 in Miami. Inglorious ending to a potentially huge game for Boston.

Oklahoma City Thunder 133, Memphis Grizzlies 123 3OT
I would really love to watch a replay of this game today, except I don’t have all that 16 hours to spare since I’d like to do other important things like eat, sleep and make jokes on a blog. Funny thing is, if the Grizzers hadn’t done all that winning so far in the playoffs, losing a triple-overtime game at home probably would have been the greatest postseason accomplishment in franchise history. Instead, they just get the satisfaction of knowing they were involved in an instant classic that we’ll be talking about at least until the next round of the playoffs.