TBJ Top 5, featuring Camelo Anthony

Boston Celtics at Miami Heat
This might be the last chance Nenad Krstic has to throw a chair in to someone’s face, at least for this season. I really hope he doesn’t let such an opportunity pass him by.

Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder
“You know what’s cooler than three overtimes? A billion dollars.” — Justin Timberlake

Carmelo Anthony’s Camel
Brandon Stroud is right. If he didn’t christen this beast “Camel-o Anthony,” he’s just being silly.

Bulls Fan Shamed By His Stupid Hat
Ha ha. This guy doesn’t want anyone to see him wearing his giant foam hat. Probably shouldn’t have bought a giant foam hat then.

Survivor (CBS — 8pm ET)
Is tonight the night that the remaining tribe members finally realize they should vote off Boston Rob? Probably not. No one out there knows what they’re doing.