Tas was right. Ron Artest wasn’t trying to clock J.J. Barea in the face. He was just trying to hit him in the chest, duh. From the Los Angeles Times:

“I don’t like to dwell on things too much. It shouldn’t have happened. Reaching out for a foul and the guy is 5-2, I’m reaching down. There’s only so much down I can go. His face is right in my hand. It’s very unfortunate. Whatever happened was unfortunate and uncalled for. That wasn’t the reason why we lost.”

See? Just a simple size miscalculation. He totally didn’t mean clothesline the Mavericks guard.

Pay no mind to the fact that Artest admits he was intentionally fouling while his team was down 11 with only 24 seconds left in the game. That part is irrelevant. If J.J. Barea had been a foot taller like a normal person, he’d have just been hit in the chest, which is a completely legit basketball move. When you think about it in this light, it was Barea’s fault and he’s the one that should have been suspended for Game 3. The Lakers should file a protest.

In fact, it was probably also Barea’s fault that Andrew Bynum knocked him out of the sky. If J.J. weighed more than 16 pounds, Bynum wouldn’t have sent him flying and the foul looks mundane. Basically, J.J. Barea cost the Lakers six games worth of suspensions because he’s so little. Pretty effective for an M-word.

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  1. He has a point that kids a little bitch, my dick is bigger than him.

  2. Fascinating commentary.

  3. I hope after the mavs win the finals JJ goes on a nationwide tour taking on every tough guy who said they could beat him 1 on 1 or kick his ass. “That kid” would wreck you.

  4. I knew he wasn’t 6′ tall.

  5. What’s “M-word”? Midget? Is it such a bad word that you can’t say it on a site where people (Skeets) overuse the word fuck

  6. is that a Mix-a-lot reference there Trey? Pretty sly…….

  7. Come on trey, yes it does seem like Artest is trying to take some of the blame off of himself, but you make it seem like hes completely oblivious to any wrongdoing. Artests foul is also completely different from Bynum’s foul, which WAS actually malicious. I want to like your articles, but when 90% of them are just sarcastic commentary with no actual insight it gets a bit tired. #friendlyadvice

  8. If you foul a petite woman once the way you foul Dwight Howard regularly, she’s not going to be able to take it. So Andrew Bynum & Ron Artest needed to understand that they needed to be gentle w/ JJ Barea. But Barea has got to lose the beard, as his facial features are just not nearly rugged enough for facial hair.

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