I’m not sure what I like the best about this “prank” on “Inside the NBA”: Ernie Johnson laughing so, so, so, so hard like this is the funniest thing that has ever happened, or Kenny Smith being legitimately peeved that someone would have the gall to mess with the sanctity of his segment. Tough choice.

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  1. Kenny was like “wtf are you guys doin im cereal ryt now”

  2. hahaha omg i’m tearing up watching this. Partly because of ernie! I wish Kenny had gotten more scared lol.

  3. They need to do this again, but he needs to be Rick-Rolled when the curtains open.

  4. Ernie was laughing so hard because Kenny got pissed instead of frightened.

  5. Kenny is gonna trip on those stairs one day. But, Inside the NBA w/ Chuck, Kenny & Ernie ALWAYS makes me laugh.

  6. This was funny. But what the hell was up with all the time they spent last night shilling for that cell phone company during what was supposed to be the halftime show?

  7. LoooL this is funny on so many levels…Kenny getting pissed, EJ laughing his behind off… These guys are like the 3 stooges lol

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