The ol’ forearm to the throat maneuver is next level wackness, no matter when it’s performed. But when a guy throws a forearm shiver to another fella’s throat after a play that the shiverer isn’t even involved in, then it is extra wack. Not chill, Carlos Boozer. Not chill at all.

(via Jose3030)

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  1. Looks like Boozer says, “Let’s go, bitch!”

  2. What was Wanda Sykes saying behind the basket?
    She looked pretty amped up in her East All Star Jersey..

  3. Me thinks Booz was trying to protect himself when Josh Smith was coming down and just happened to hit him. Me is also a Bulls fan and hoping Booz doesn’t get suspended for a game

  4. Glad Deng was there, just in time.

  5. So you arnt allowed to protect your teamate who is lying prone on the ground under the basket from getting stomped on by some douche who shaves his legs?

  6. the old double technical. LOL.

  7. I don’t think the forearm was intentionally to the neck/face..I mean you see guys give a little shove after dunks all the time. But they both retaliated, so I guess the tech was deserving.

  8. It looked to me Boozer was just kinda throwing is arm out to make sure Josh didn’t trample Deng who was on the floor. No big deal, just a misunderstanding.

    …or Boozer was trying to get kicked out in a further attempt to tank this series.

  9. lol you bulls fans have off of loozer’s nuts for one second, we all know if it was the other way around y’all would be caling for josh smith to get suspended. Who btw made swung around to make sure he didn’t land on luol deng..

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