When Dennis Rodman was formally introduced as an inductee to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, we all had some laughs because he dressed like Dennis Rodman — zany hat, shirt for bros, flowing scarf and enough piercings to satisfy even the most decorated Hot Topic aficionado. It was all well and good, just Rodman being Rodman.

But that’s nothing compared to the actual induction. That’s going to be so much better. Yesterday, Rodman explained his plan to Howard Stern.

Out of any Hall of Fame, any sports division — hockey, baseball, soccer, this, this, this — this is probably gonna be the biggest and the best Hall of Fame ever. I’m gonna make it more like a circus.

Instead of having 500 people out there, I want to have like 5,000 people. I’m gonna make it a parade.

It’s gonna be the best Hall of Fame ever.

I’m not even sure how you can get tickets to the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, but I want some. Dennis Rodman on the biggest day of his life? Sign me up, even if I have a hard time believing that anything could beat a soccer Hall of Fame ceremony. Those things are off the chain.

This might be the first time David Stern fines a retired player for actions detrimental to the league. I wouldn’t miss that for the world.

(via Steeebo)