On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and a very “narvous” Tas recap two Game 5′s: the Heat’s series-clinching win over the Celtics, and the THUNDERGRIZZLIES snore. Topics include: Wade’s monster first half, LeBron’s hate/great threes, the Celtics’ late-game offense execution, Miami’s Finals-like celebration, handshakes, physical vs. mental Grizzlies fatigue, Harden’s spark, Collison’s D, Perkins’ altar boy days, KD’s t-shirt, and Nate Robinson. All that, plus a story about Solomon Alabi.

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Comments (18)

  1. With my first softball game tonight, I am also quite NARVOUS.

  2. I for one do not welcome our new Heat overlords lol. I can’t remember the last time that I couldn’t find something to be happy about a team winning the championship in any sport. When the Spurs would win there was a part of me that would be happy that a guy like Duncan got his. Hell even when the goddamn Celtics won deep, deep inside when I looked past fucking wheelchair Pierce winning it there was part of me that said “well at least Garnet finally got his”. I cant see myself being happy for anybody if the Heat win it all, and yes haters gon’ hate I don’t give a fuck.

    Hopefully the Celtics don’t overreact to this loss like everyone over here in laker land seems to be doing, and make drastic changes to the roster. Rondo was clearly not the Rondo that can dominate. They just need to stay healthy next year, get some legit size to take the place that Shaq never really had, and get some athleticism maybe coming off the bench.

  3. Drew, I hope we aren’t playing eachother tonight, ’cause then I WOULD BE EXTRA NARVOUS!

  4. I don’t know why Miami beating an injured Celtic team with home court means they’ll be able to beat the Bulls on the road

  5. I just like watching the Celtics lose.

  6. Yeah Hollinger is really great, what did he say about the Lakers series again? Ooh, right…

  7. Well I would root for the Heat, but only if they play Dallas in the Finals (as I hope and think the Mavs won’t get there). I dislike Dallas more than I dislike the Heat. I probably can name only a single player (Shawn Marion, oh, and maybe Beaubois because he has a cool name) on the Mavericks that I wish would win a championship, I dislike them all and Mark Cuban above all of them.

    I do not like LeBron, Bosh, Bibby or the head coach, but I like Wade, Chalmers, Anthony and a few other members of the Heat squad. So I would root for them if they face the Mavs. Weird eh?

  8. FYI, Harden is a lefty.

  9. Just to point out – LeBron’s steal and dunk wasn’t a travel. Watch it again and notice that:
    he intercepted the pass, so he did NOT have a possesion. It was a LOOSE BALL. Then he picked the ball up, looked back for whatever reason and started dribbling.

    He didin’t have possesion, so he coul grab it and then start dribbling.
    BTW. Rondo one-handed steal form the other night(on Chris Bosh) was pretty much the same – intercepted, cought, and dunked.

    And I can live with some trolls on youtube typing “travel” in the comments, but please – not you guys :)

    And if you read it and agreed(or not) – say something about it on tommorow episode ;-)

    Keep up the great work!

    P.S. Sorry for not so great English

  10. I think your points (and a lot of other people have pointed this out too) about LeBron’s threes apply to the second one but not the first, which was a bailout shot after Wade had possession for most of the shot clock and had nowhere to go. The second one was late too but as I recall he had the ball earlier so it’s valid to say he should have maybe looked for a better shot, and just made the 3 anyway.

    As for Thunder-Grizz, it was perhaps inevitable, I’m just hoping Grizz win game 6 so that this goes down to the wire.

  11. To clarify, my “a lot of other people have pointed this out too” refers to your points and not mine. Which makes me wonder if I’m just remembering it incorrectly, but I can’t find video of the full possessions so I don’t know.

  12. idk guys

    u said lebron took ridiculous shots…not enough credit that he made it?

    if Kobe made those he would be praised

  13. You sound like Snarf from Thundercats when you say narvous in a high voice like that. That’s pretty much all I can get out right now.

  14. You’re right about the Celtics – only Rivers, Ray Allen, and Delonte stayed out to congratulate the Heat.

    I’m not surprised, but disappointed for sure.

  15. For all the people that say Lebron doesn’t deserve to win, it’s all bull shit Lebron played his ass off their is no way that any superstar could in Cleveland with the supporting cast that team has especially considering how tough the east is. Lebron made a good move maybe he should have asked for a trade just to give the Cavs something in return but other wise it was the only way he could be a contender

  16. I need the pronunciation of Drew’s name clarified. Would it be Fair-SAR-vous?

  17. Two biggest factors in the east and west finals are…

    Perkins and Noah? Defense wins championships as they say.
    They both need to beat the shit out of their respective inside counterparts for Chi-town and OKC to stand any chance to beat the Mavs or Heat.

    And yes this assumes Rose destroys the hawks next game and Griz choke a possible game 7. No?

    Any other outcome realistically sees one thing – a dirk vs wade/lebron finals series.
    Call me in a few weeks.

  18. Ya I agree Illmatic for the most part. The ghost of Shaq was a huge flop but really who can they go after? I think the Celtics are in a lot bigger trouble right now then the lakers are. The big three are so up there right now that its hard to see them going out after a long season and beating the rest of the powerhouses in 4 games.

    I definately am not saying blow up the team but can anyone even make the arguement that they will finish a 1st or 2nd seed and be able to grind through another championship run? No way. I predict next year if all stays the same they will get beaten out in the first round like how the Spurs did .. By a hungrier younger team.

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