If ever there were a Guinness Book of World Records record that was meant for JaVale McGee to own, it is most balls dunked in a single jump. It’s a record so perfectly JaVale McGee that it’s almost like it was created just for him. Which it was. Which is hilarious. Which makes this whole thing even more JaVale McGee than you could have ever imagined. Of course he went in to the record books for dunking three balls at once.

Congratulations, man. You — and only you — deserve this.

(via Capital Games)

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  1. Don’t you mean PIERRE?

  2. The worst thing about it is they did not put “most basketball dunked”

  3. The Guinness record for “Worst Triple Double, Ever” got lost in the mail.

  4. Give guy a break. It’s obvious he loves being in a spotlight and want to leave some mark.
    Plus he is the highlight machine(when he’s not doing something stupid)

  5. Great work Trey. This is an accomplishment that has probably been overlooked in the mainstream media. We count on you to bring us the off-beat details we can’t get elsewhere. Thank you.

  6. He shoulda won the competition anyways. I’d rather get this award than winning a dunk contest anyways.

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