TBJ Top 5, featuring popcorn movies


Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks
Can the Hawks keep up their decidedly un-Hawks streak of responding to setbacks? They better hope so, since if they don’t, they’re done. I wouldn’t bet on it, but they’ve proved me wrong a few times before in this postseason. Hoping for a classic.

Community (NBC — 8pm ET)
The season finale, and also the second part of last week’s paintball episode. I’m not hoping for much more than some Donald Glover crying and Alison Brie running.

Magnet Kid
You don’t have to speak the language to understand that a chubby kid who has a frying pan stuck to him is TBS Very Funny. The kid is a magnet, you guys. Human magnet.

Human Bicycle
Speaking of human’s being things they shouldn’t be — totes a normal topic — here’s a group of friends turning themselves in to a bicycle while on a moving walkway. When you have to get to an airport five hours early, you have enough time to come up with things like this.

Smoking Kitty
Come on, kitty cat. Don’t you know smoking is bad for you? Plus, it will singe your whiskers.