Miami Heat 97, Boston Celtics 87
After you’ve watched that video — where LeBron James single-handedly scores the game’s last 10 points to eliminate the Celtics from the playoffs — there’s really not much else to say. Awe-inspiring is the best word I can come up with, and it’s technically two. Just wowsers.

Oklahoma City Thunder 99, Memphis Grizzlies 72
Bit of a bummer of a follow-up after that three overtimer from Monday night. Bigger bummer for the Grizzlies, who have now been on the wrong end of a heart-breaker and a blowout in their last two games. For a team that’s in unprecedented territory, that sort of thing might be hard to recover from. We’ll see Friday how they respond.

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  1. [...] people back on LeBron’s side was some dominant performances coupled with humility. You got both of those from him last night, which could mean that this is a turning point. There will always be people who [...]

  2. Yesterday I had the strangest feeling I’ve had in a long time about LeBron. Usually I dislike him for his arrogance and how he’s portrayed by the NBA so-called “experts” (like a semi-god), but after that game there was I somewhat hoping he’d do well.


  3. Watch the Heat come off the bench at about the 0:12 mark. Chill out Juwan Howard

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