Carlos Boozer finally had a great game for the Chicago Bulls, scoring 21 points on 10-16 shooting while grabbing 10 boards and dishing out five assists. He even got a steal, which is pretty zany coming from Carlos Boozer. All in all, it was the kind of night Bulls fans expected when the Alaskan Eyebrows Experience — new nickname for ya, New York Times — became the team’s highest-paid player. So good.

Then after the game, Boozedawg capped off his excellent night with a quality zing from the Chris Bosh is Wack Collection (available only at Kohl’s). From the Sun-Times:

Asked about facing Miami’s Big Three, he responded, “They have two great players in D. Wade and LeBron. We look forward to the challenge.’’

Oh, snap — subliminal Chris Bosh burn. Good one, too. Carlos big ups the Heat stars who everyone respects, while still making sure to crack on Chris Bosh. Pretty nuanced little zing, really.

And hopefully, it’s the start of a bigger rivalry. The Bulls have been pretty vocal about viewing themselves as one of the best teams in the league, and there was some behind-closed-doors talk about how much they wanted to beat the Heat earlier in the season. Miami, obviously, threw themselves a championship celebration in July, said they were gunning for six championships and have carried on as if they were the crown-wearers, even though the season isn’t over. Throw in James Posey almost killing Luol Deng in 2006, and there is definitely some potential for fireworks here.

Which would be awesome. Two good teams that should be together for a while, both in the same conference, hating each other — yeah, I can go for that. And if it involves two oft-maligned jump-shooting power forwards with the same initials who hilariously celebrate minor achievements insulting each other, that’s even better.