On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and Tas talk about softball. Seriously. Go, Rounders!

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Comments (31)

  1. tas please change ur teams name to ‘multiple-score-gasms’

  2. yo skeets, what scarborough league did you join? is their a site? i’m looking to join one myself closer to home (i. e. scarbz)

  3. bista — I actually have no idea. But I’ll find out tonight and report back.

  4. Shit that was funny. For the love of god, give us the weekly breakdown on the Rounders. Holy crap that was amazing.

  5. Hm did not know there was a TV out there.

    I second the weekly Rounders update.

  6. Hands down, one of the funniest shows ever. I could not stop laughing and people in my office kept staring at me. LMAO.

  7. What in the blue hell is softball?Some kind of canadien baseball?
    Bulls will take down the Heat in…5 Games!

    Greets from Nowitzness land

  8. This shit is godlike. You guys OD’d on this fix.

    And I love it.

  9. Also in for more weekly Rounders updates.

  10. Hey guys,

    been listening since the beginning, that was the best worst podcast in recent history,

    -’the bulls got kyle korver going…cool, cool’


    keep up the great work

  11. that was the most i’ve ever been entertained by softball.

  12. fantastic episode!! can we get a picture of tas in his softball uniform?

  13. Chi has better bigs, but they are mostly defense guys so they can’t be exploited to make wins. There is a small gap between the Bulls D and the Heats O, but there is a massive chasim between the Bulls god-awful O and the Heat’s super active D. Tas was right that we just saw the Bulls playing at their peak, but I think that’s their ceiling as well while the Heat can still get better, much better even. Heat sweeps in 4.

  14. Effin great show today!!! Loved it. One of dee best.

    “I missed the first game last week. And we lost. And THEY lost.” – Skeets

    Way to throw your team under the bus Skeets! It’s like when P-Jax referred to the Lakers as “they” when he answered his first post-game question after the sweep!

  15. Can we get a spin-off…The Rounders Jones?

    Funniest episode in a long time!

  16. Funniest episode since the audio days.

  17. i’m sounding like a broken record, but geez i love the entire basketball jones crew… you’re like radiohead ten years ago – doesn’t matter what you throw out there, everyone loves you for it. talk about softball? so absurd! genius! talk about the nba? so pure! genius!
    bottom line, if you last another ten years before annoying the shit out of everyone, that’ll be one hell of a run, and i’ll listen to every episode (i’d secretly also listen to every episode after more that ten years, but i’ll pretend to like something newer n fresher then, and i won’t post anymore. just to give you a heads up. maybe i’ll start my own show in germany, model it after you and call it Der Basketball Müller or sth like that. sweet).

  18. Hilarious episode had to watch it a 2nd time i laughed so hard. Made me realize i take the overdose for granted till its gone.

  19. Do you think James guards Rose, wade guards Deng, and Bibby/chalmers moves over to Bogans since he really isn’t much of an offensive threat?

    If Lebron actually plays tough defence on Rose throughout the series then I don’t know how Chicago can win. So much of their offense runs through him, and Lebron has the athleticism to contain him. It’ll be tough for Chicago.

  20. I loved you guys talking about your softball games and basketball games. It’s nice to hear your opinion on the NBA but from now on could you keep us updated on what is going on in your leagues?

  21. Twilight…ftw? Weak. Friday the 13th, womp womp womp… Fuck softball, The Softball Jones? For team size, I think 8 is good. Am I wrong? Fuck I want to play pick-up today but my team is M.I.A.

  22. How can the Heat and Bulls split the first 4 games and win in 5? Doesn’t make sense guys. I think it’s still a best of 7 series.

  23. No fucking way the Bulls win this series. And there’s no bias there. I want them to because of Thibs. But, no fucking way.

    I disagree a bit about the Hawks last night also. I thought they sucked. Working hard though.

  24. haha my softball team at school was the master batters- i think youre right skeets, theres a master batters in every softball league. this was prolly the funniest episode ive ever witnessed

  25. When’s the first episode of “The Association: Rounders” airing?

    Agree with a previous commenter: 8 is the ideal no. of players to have on a basketball team.

  26. You are both handsome men, I would fuck you both if you passed out at a party and get you pregnant.

  27. funniest episode in awhile

  28. Skeets & Tas Awesome Show Great Job!


  29. All I got out of that is: pregame recorder?
    Can’t say I’m complaining either.

  30. @telecustom yeah, I tought about Le Basketball Jacques myself. Only thing is my friends don’t follow basketball, so….

  31. Loved how Tas emphasized that Bron/Wade are just “slightly” better than Johnson/Crawford. But yeah, I hope you’re spot on with your prediction, Tas. I want the Bulls to kick the Heat’s butts.

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