“We have to end the game with better class than that. That’s too disrespectful in my eyes. That’s not what the Thunder are about. … I think we were too flashy.” — 68-year-old Kendrick Perkins, being a stern father

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  1. This is kind of off-topic (but still about OKC). I couldn’t think of anywhere else to mention it. My girlfriend heard Serge Ibaka’s name the other night and thought they were saying Sir Chewbacca. Have people already started calling him that? If not, I think it’s imperative that we start immediately.

  2. @ Jeff….there have been fans at the home games dressed as Wookies wearing the No. 9 jersey.

  3. Haha, that’s awesome, Rick.

  4. Haha yeah we call him chewbacca, chewblocka, iblocka, air congo bc of his airplane move he does.

  5. Those are the sweatiest pictures I’ve ever seen. Are they warming up in a car wash down there? Even Patrick Ewing thinks they need a towel.

  6. LMAO!! That is hilarious. Nice post!

    All series I’ve been paying attention to Nate being a giddy schoolgirl on the bench!! He gets so into it…. but thats Nate … and its funny!! We all remember him in Boston jumping on Big Baby!! I still have that pic saved with it saying “Shrek and Donkey”. LMAO!! That was great!! I hate to bring up passion for the game again like some obsessed nerd but ya gotta love it!

    Perk needs to quit acting like he’s a thug OFF THE COURT! Lighten up a bit too. Did you see his church picture mean mugging the photographer? Drop it already Perk. Court only!

  7. This is fantastic. You should do more blowtorchy stuff on here more often.

  8. How did Nate build up enough sweat on the bench?

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