Immediately following the Heat bouncing the Celtics from the playoffs, one of the big stories was all the hugging that was going on. LeBron James hugged Dwyane Wade and Delonte West. Dwyane Wade hugged Doc Rivers. So did LeBron James. You hugged your pets. Jay-Z hugged sensitive thugs. Skeets hugged Tas. It was like a small town hugs festival with great attendance.

But it wasn’t just hugs, you guys. It was love. There was love happening everywhere. Here’s the proof, from Ken Berger at CBS Sports:

“I love you,” Rivers told Wade, who he’s known since the Heat star — and fellow Marquette Golden Eagle — was in high school. He said it to James, too, and they hugged in the middle of the chaos that comes when a champion is knocked off and a stubborn obstacle is overcome.

“I love you,” James said to Rivers in that moment. “I’m amazed how you got those guys — you could see they were struggling, and you got them to still play. I don’t know how you do that.”

Awwww, so cute. Just a whole lotta love, Led Zeppelin-style. Heart-warming isn’t it? 1967 San Francisco, all up in your face. Touching, really. Here we are thinking there’s going to be a mutual hatred between these two championship contenders, but it turns out they’re all best buds. It’s the plot of “Step Brothers” played out in the NBA. (Delonte West is Adam Scott.)

Maybe the next time these two teams get together, David Stern can schedule a good 10 minutes of pregame hugging, so everyone can be in the right mindset going in to their matchup. I’m sure Kevin Garnett would love that.