On one hand, wowee wow wow.

But on the other hand, wowsers von wowsertons. So obviously, a tough choice involving wows.

Get out of the way everyone, apparently. Heat, Bulls, everyone — just watch your heads.

(videos via Ben Golliver)

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  1. I wish I was at the Madhouse on Madison 2nite. I still get chills when they play their intro song.

    ….at guard……from north…….carolina…

  2. D. Wade dees-appears into Broward County. 3 on 1 becomes a Jack Ramsey “STUFFA”.

  3. @Vesper Wish it was still Ray Clay but the last line is even better now-

    … at guard … from CHICAGO…

  4. In your FACE D.Wade. Go BULLS!!!

  5. this is when Stacy King needs to be talking in the playoffs

  6. That was a supersized Double McNasty with a side of fries!!! DWade will be seeing that highlight reel for years to come.

  7. “Reggie would you get off me now, please?” Lol.

  8. Hah, D Wade at least tried… Too bad Taj was one floor up and Wade’s hand never made so far up :D

  9. I jumped off the couch on that put back dunk…AMAZING!!!..I also jumped off the couch when John Starks did his left-handed dunk on the Bulls in the 1993 playoffs….Check it out

  10. I lost my voice (and my mind) last night. Taj was beastin’, love that kid.

  11. the putback was off the charts. i love there reaction to that…all 3 of them ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats what i did when i saw it last night. taj steppin up big!

  12. Loved it! So impressed by the Bulls. I’m becoming a huge fan of Deng …. I’m addicted to sayin’ “Deng he’s good” lol.

  13. These highlights would be 1000x better if it weren’t for Reggie.

  14. One of the best poster dunks that I’ve seen in a long time besides how often do you see D. Wade get dunk on like that.

  15. It’s days later and I still can’t believe these dunks. Holy crap.

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