Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh get a lot of flack for masterminding The Big Three in Miami. People don’t like that they (allegedly) got together and (allegedly) discussed their collective future at the 2008 Beijing Olympics before agreeing to join forces to form the most disliked team since the late-80s Pistons. In fact, there were those that joked that Dwyane Wade should have won this year’s Executive of the Year award since he was the one who (allegedly) masterminded this dubious plan. More than 11 people have said something along the lines of “I don’t care that they got together, I just don’t like that they planned it out.”

So you have to wonder how those people would feel about Carlos Boozer admitting he told Joakim Noah he wanted to come to the Bulls, even though he was still playing for the Jazz. From the Chicago Tribune:

Rose recalled how a month before last season ended, Boozer told him to make sure to contact him about joining forces. There was talk Boozer’s No. 1 choice was to sign with the Heat because his three boys live in Miami and he still owns a house in the area.

That was far from the message Boozer relayed to Noah.

“I just told Jo that if I leave Utah, this is where I want to come,” Boozer said. “I was like, ‘You and I could lock down the middle. D-Rose’s potential is through the roof. And Luol (Deng) is a versatile as anybody.’ … We can ride out and do some good things.”

Ha. I like how Boozer adds in the “…if I leave Utah” part, like there was ever any doubt that he was going to leave the Jazz. Way to cover your tracks, Carlos. Smooth.

But really, this just goes to show you how ridiculous it is to criticize the Heat for colluding, when that’s obviously the case everywhere. Boozer admitted to it. Ron Artest admitted he confronted Kobe Bryant in the shower and told him he wanted to be a Laker. Chris Paul talked about Carmelo Anthony becoming a Knick at Melo’s wedding. This sort of thing happens all the time, so let’s hate the Heat for other reasons, OK? OK.

Furthermore, let’s all admit that it’s pretty hilarious that Carlos Boozer’s pitch to Joakim Noah involved defense (“locking down the middle”) and Luol Deng’s versatility. That’s like a television company offering you a great new deal on glitchy standard definition service and “a pretty good amount of channels.” The fact that he probably screamed this idea at the top of his lungs and punctuated the conversation with a bellowed “AND ONE!” makes it even more funny.