On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, “UFC Skeets” and Tas breakdown Sunday’s Game 7 and Oprah’s Eastern Conference Finals Game 1. Topics discussed include: Westbrook’s triple-dub, KD cutting backdoor, MVP Collison, the Grizzlies open looks, a frustrated Marc Gasol, the Bulls sick rebound advantage, Taj Gibson’s dunks, how Miami played right into Chicago’s hands, Spoelstra’s small-ball tactics, The Bench Mob, and more. All that, plus t-shirts, adult kisses and bloody eyes. Comment away.

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Comments (29)

  1. Boooooaaaaagriiiiiuuuussssssss!!!!

  2. I should have known the Thunder would win flat out, and still folks would find some reason other than they were just the better team than the Grizz. Not by some huge amount-the Grizz are great, but they OKC won flat out, convincingly…sigh…some day people will realize OKC isnt a backwater and our team can actually play ball.

  3. I don’t generally kiss my mom on the cheek even. Durant also refers to his mom as “Mommy” so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he still kisses her square on the lips.

  4. Blocked again!!! And so is http://feeds.feedburner.com/thescore/podcasts/thebasketballjones.

    How disappointing!

    Come on guys, there is are ducks in pond. Don’t let the opportunity go to waste.

  5. I actually think D Wade should try to run the point and put James Jones in the starting lineup they do need a 3 point shooter and James Jones is there most consistent 3 point shooter and bring Z or Damp Rather both Joel A. being undersized I believe may cost them.

  6. Via TPA: “… despite their ineffectiveness, Isolation plays actually accounted for a higher percentage of Miami plays (15.4%) in Game 1 than in the regular season (12.2%) — many of these isos came after pick-and-rolls (another Miami offensive strength) yielded nothing, often due to aggressive switches by Chicago bigs.”

  7. I kiss your mom on the lips. Does that count?

  8. Luol Deng is being regarded as an under the radar type of player but his contract says other wise

  9. I feel like a loser asking this on a day after there was some awesome basketball, but what is that picture of the huge white dude from? It’s driving me nuts trying to figure that out.

  10. Hell is not holy

  11. Kissing mom on the lips – no-no. The huge white dude is from Troy and he is about to get stabbed in the neck. GO BULLS!!!!

  12. @Ben:

    I feel like a loser anserwing, but I’m pretty sure that’s the guy Achilles fights in the beginning of Troy.

    For my two cents, OKC is a way better matchup for Dallas than Memphis.

  13. OKC is definately a better match up. Memphis has too big of a flaw … and thats hitting 3′s. Ya they are great at the 2′s but they need 3 point shooters if they want to contend in the West. Doesn’t anyone else get kinda frustrated by there lack of 3′s? I’m shocked they even made it that far.

    Blah I may have been dead wrong about Miami. I don’t want Miami to win but I gotta admit … I just wanna see Dallas get revenge on them in the finals … oh well its only game one

  14. On the lips, open mouth, with tongue…..Problem?



    I hope that was enough to at least get a disgusting mental image for some of you haha.

  15. @Tas/Skeet: I’m just curious – do you guys actually say your honest predictions on the show? Or do you decide before the show who picks which team so you have something to argue about?

    And just for the record – I am fine with either approach, I’d just like to know which one it is.

  16. tas said jeff harden instead of james harden

  17. Guys, I just LOVE your show!

    I don’t miss a single one, often listening to the audio file on my mp3-player on my way to work.

    Oh, and just one question: Being from Spain (though now living in Germany) I really appreciate Tas wearing a Garbajosa jersey on one of those breaks. But how come? I thought Jorge hadn’t really had the most succesful career of all… As I say, I think it’s great, but just wonder why.

    Thank you so much and keep doing the great job.


  18. Rudy Gay will make a difference on the Grizz in the future. Even if OJ Mayo moves on, Rudy will make that team way more dangerous in the future

  19. @Kevin: This may be why I’ve been calling James Harden, Jeff Harden. James Harden and former WWE star Jeff Hardy share hand gestures: http://bit.ly/kkcfDU http://bit.ly/mF1Gmi

    @Pablo: First, thanks for listening. Second, I loved Jorge’s game when he was here with the Raptors. That’s it. He did, and still does, know how to win basketball games.

  20. About Memphis I was thinking about the same stuff than Bing said. How Rudy Gay in that line-up change the offense in a game 7 ? Or in the triple overtime game ?

    I mean I know it will be hard for Gay to fit in again in a team that went through this the way they did. But if they find a way to add Gay as a kind of clutch player with a very reasonnable amount of touches ?

    I just can’t help but remember the game winning shots he took this year…

    I won’t comment on Bulls-Heat since I’m so overly excited and happy about one of my favourite team ;-)

    @Tas : about strange adult behaviours, don’t your origins trace back to a country where grown up, straight men, walk in the streets hand in hand ? :-p

  21. I clearly wasn’t giving the Bulls enough respect. Even if they won games I didn’t think they had that in them against Miami. Wow. I still think the Heat win the series. If having a big front line like that really does make such a difference against the Heat, then I’m even more pissed (and that’s really saying somthing) at Ainge for giving up the chance to have Perk at center with JO coming off the bench.

  22. Anthony Randolph scored 50 on Taj Gibson in summer league. Do you really think Wade or Bron not gonna score 50 on Gibson?

  23. I’m a Bulls fan, lived in Chicago my 31 years on this planet, and wanted the Heat since day one. Get used to them clownraping Miami, all the Bulls strengths are the Heat’s unsolvable weaknesses. This is why Perk was so important for the C’s, the tough inside of Chicago wilts Wade and LBJ. Asik, Noah and Gibson are awesome. Kurt Thomas would get 25 mins a game if he played Miami, on Chicago he’s a DNP. Team is deep and Thibs will win it all this year.

  24. Skeets when you started talking about your eye I was waiting for a steve nash reference.
    Didn’t happen :(

    And Tas who’s Jeff Harden?

    And does anyone honestly think Zach Randolph will ever lead a team to a final?

  25. 18:48 Skeets says ‘Fuck’

  26. @Poobs – You must be new here.

    On the mom-kissing thing, I never kissed my mom on the lips and I tought it was disgusting when I saw other people do it as a kid. I mean: why?

    And it’s the parent’s issue, not the kid’s. It was created by the parents. Durant turned out well anyway, so good for him, but still, ew.

    Z would be some help for the heat… I mean: he can knock down “jumpers”, so the Bulls bigs can’t help as much on the penetrating stars. LBJ and Wade are only efficient close to the basket, of course a forest of versatile bigs is gonna be a problem for them.

    It wouldn’t have been the same for Boston, ‘tho: Perk can’t switch on LeBron on a PnR like Gibson or Noah do. But the Bulls will have their own trouble executing in this seriers.

    And yeah, that Grizz team with gay (and some left-over confidence) should be plenty good. Fun to watch at least.

    Finals prediction: OKC vs. Heat, but hoping for the contrary

    I love Dallas, but Ibaka+Collison+Durant on Dirk may be tough for him.

  27. Great show as always. Agree with Tas: Mavs will win in 6.

    “Memphis is a true #8 seed”…not sure if I agree with that given that the Grizz tanked their last couple of games.

    One of the TNT commentators hinted that Magloire was activated instead of Z/Damp because of his mobility. Obviously a poor decision to play him, but at least we got to see Magloire miss a dunk attempt.
    Expect to see a lot more of Damp to help the Heat’s rebounding worries.

    I think some of the Bulls 2nd chance points (or as Tas put it, the “2nd rebounds…rebound chance points.”) came as an indirect result of aggressively doubling Rose off the pick and roll.
    Rose would pass out of the double team, the Bulls would swing the ball and Heat would be a bit late rotating and not get be able to properly box out once the shot went up.

    LeBron did a pretty poor job of sticking to Luol on the perimeter…he sagged in the lane too much as was late chasing out to Deng on the 3-point line.

  28. I think the Bulls could hit threes well again. If you look, their 3-pt shooters, weren’t the ones shooting well, but Rose and Deng were. Korver didn’t have a great 3-pt shooting night and neither did their other bench 3 shooters. So, I think it’s actually possible to replicate that shooting with their other dedicated shooters.

  29. Jamaal Magloire is crying in the locker room after that episode.

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