Get my dad talking about his college playing career long enough and he’ll surely tell you about how he was never dunked on, even going so far as to foul guys before they had a chance to jump. He’s a nice guy who loves smiling, so it would be a fun conversation for you, but that’s not the point. The point is that getting dunked on is no fun. It’s embarrassing, you probably get called for a foul and you give up two points — all bad things, which is why no one except Ron Artest wants it to happen.

Unless you’re Dwyane Wade. He’s OK with it as long as the dunk is amazing, like Taj Gibson’s was last night. In fact, he’s more than OK with it. He loves it. From the AP:

Gibson had a highlight-reel dunk early in the second quarter when he threw down a vicious two-hander over Wade, leading to a three-point play. How impressive was it? Even Wade clapped about six times when he saw the replay. “That was a good one,” Wade said. “I really got punked. It was good. It was a very athletic play. I knew I didn’t have a chance. I was backpedaling when I saw him take off. He’s very athletic.”

That’s great. Classic “game recognize game” scenario, much like when Amar’e Stoudemire gave Blake Griffin the ol’ eyebrows following his demolition of Timofey Mozgov. A guy like Dwyane Wade has enough experience cramming on guys that he can give props when someone gets him back, so it’s awesome that he did. Give this guy an “NBA Cares” commercial because he is being a good sport about it.

Now all we need to know is how Omer Asik feels about getting dunked on by his own teammate. I’m sure he had to fight some pretty serious urges to not block that attempt.

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  1. Disagree Trey. Amare recognized when Blake dunked on his teammates, not himself. Very different. This comment by Wade is typical of the 2011 Miami Heat. They try to give credit to others because they think the media will begin to like them for it, when the reality is everyone would much rather them stop BSing and get competitive. Should’ve been a “no comment.”

  2. That’s a foul on Gibson in the 2006 Finals.

  3. Hahahhahah Jacob. Let it go man. But yeah, that would’ve been an offensive foul on Taj, use of his face to push away Wade’s hands…

  4. Wade loved it because he saw the extra-slo-mos….

    C’mon guys, stop with this – why should competing always be so aggresive!? Be like this on the court, after that this is just a game, Wade is enjoying it and being a good sport.

  5. for PAUL N!….he said it exactly the way he meant it doughhead, Amare raised his own eyebrows with fasination after seeing Griffin’s dunk on Mozgov. ENGLISH 045 sir

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