Peak shoes — footwear provider of Kevin Love, Jason Kidd and Shane Battier, among others — are still not widely available in the United States. That’s fine for two reasons: 1) they are just OK looking and 2) these t-shirts, also from the brand, are available. You win some, you lose some, as they say.

And if you’re going to win, this is a good one. Caricature shirts have been created for each of Peak’s celebrity endorsers. That means you get your choice of a variety of fairly well-known to kind of well-known NBA players, including guys like Kyle Lowry, Gordon Hayward and Patrick Patterson. If you happen to be a fan of any of these players, that’s awesome because these aren’t guys who are setting the t-shirt game on fire. No offense to Beno Udrih, but you don’t see pop-up shops dedicated to his stubbly visage that often.

The shirts retail for $30 a pop ($25 with the coupon code “PLAYER5″) and are almost an exact ripoff of something I did almost four years ago to the point where I kind of have to wonder if these Peak shirts were partially inspired by my Pharrell Williams ripoff because this and this look way too similar to be a total coincidence. No hard feelings though, because these are awesome and a validation of my impeccable style. Thanks, Peak.

Buy them all, if you want. You won’t find a finer Carl Landry shirt on the planet. True, you probably won’t find another Carl Landry shirt on the planet, but still.