Everybody hates the draft

Are you guys super excited for tonight’s draft lottery? Do you have your special lottery socks on — the ones that helped you land that No. 1 pick, way back when? No? Me neither. For one, we already know who’s going to win the first pick. For two, the draft is terrible this year.

Don’t believe me? Just ask everyone. Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports did, and here’s what he found out.

One Western Conference general manager was more succinct in his analysis of this year’s pool of available players.

“It’s horrendous,” he said. “Every year we always talk about how bad the draft is. This year we really mean it.”

Sounds great. Can’t wait for whoever wins tonight’s lottery to shake Adam Silver’s hand and whisper, “We’re all set, actually. Thanks, but no thanks. Maybe next year?” Just might be the first time someone turns down the No. 1 overall pick. Not allowed, duh, but whichever team wins might wish they could.

Unless Minnesota pulls it off. I’m sure they’re VERY excited to draft Kyrie Irving. It’s been almost two years since David Kahn got to draft a point guard in the lottery, and his trigger finger is getting itchy.

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  1. Spit-take at that graphic. Well done Taco Trey.

  2. Pff. Let’s reexamine this on May 17, 2012.

    If they’re wrong EVERY year (about it being a bad draft year), then why is THIS year any different?

  3. Some drafts are worse than the others, but we will still see some great talent (Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, Shelvin Mack, that dude from Arizona, is it Derrick WIlliams? and some others).

    In other words, I’m not worried at all. You know NBA experts/scouts are often wrong about draft picks.

  4. Kyrie Irving is a great prospect, assuming he recovers fully from the injury, and there are some decent euro prospects. Otherwise though, it is very underwhelming. and while I would personally love Irving on the T-wolves – giving them the ability to jettison Flynn and trade Rubio’s rights with some “potential” for anything – Kahn is such a toolbag that he would likely take Bismark Biyombo. Who I like, but not as the #1 overall.

  5. Kanter both intrigues me and scares the hell out of me at the same time.

  6. Word on the street in Minnesota is that Kahn is going to trade the #1 pick if we win it. Apparently the front office thinks Rubio is a much better prospect and doesn’t want to upset him just when he is likely to sign and turn up for next year. So yeah. TWolves fans can look forward to this year’s draft even less than normal. Hooray.

  7. I’m a T-Wolves fan and I would be all for Kahn trading the #1 pick if the Wolves get it. Kahn will just screw up the pick anyways, so at least this way we can somewhat know what we will get. But then again, he would probably trade the pick for two point guards.

  8. That would be sweet, since the Clippers have the unprotected T-Wolves draft pick this year. =D

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