Once the Celtics were eliminated by the Miami Heat, Glen Davis started talking. He might leave Boston. He wants to start. His favorite food is bacon-wrapped bacon dipped in bacon. Things of this nature. After a terrible postseason from the soon-to-be free agent, it seemed like he wanted to get some things off his chest.

Which, in turn, led to Doc Rivers getting some things off his chest. Some not so flattering things, in fact. From WEEI, courtesy of Celtics Hub:

“I thought it was more in between his ears than his play. I thought the whole contract thing affected his play. I thought he had the wrong focus at times because of that. I think when you stray away from just being a team player and being the role that you’re given, I think you struggle. I think all players do. And I thought Baby did that.

“I thought scoring was way too important to him, instead of being who he is. Baby’s never going to be a great scorer in our league, but he can score. What Baby has to be is an energy player, a guy who takes charges.”

Yikes. Any time a coach pulls out the “he cares more about his money/numbers/bacon-wrapped bacon dipped in bacon” card, you know things are serious. Plus, Doc Rivers is not a guy to just throw around insults for no reason. If he really thinks Glen Davis’ poor performance is because he was worried about getting paid, then you know he believes it. Glenn to Glen, real talk.

Ironically, the majority of Big Baby’s prestige is built upon his ability to raise his game in the postseason, which is pretty funny when you realize that his play in this year’s playoffs was so bad that it probably hurt his market value. Before this season, Davis’s PERs and shooting percentages in the postseason were better than they were during the regular season. That’s a big part of the reason why the Celtics paid him so well the past two years. But this season — during which Doc Rivers contends that he was gunning for stats in order to secure a large contract — the opposite was true, as Davis saw his numbers decline across the board. Basically the opposite of what you want to happen in a contract year. Talk about your all-time major backfires.

That being said, someone’s going to pay Glen Davis and this will all be forgotten. It might even be the Celtics, which would make things a bit awkward the next time these two Glen(n)s who go by nicknames see each other. Doc’s cool enough to let it slide, but Big Baby might shed a few thousand tears about it.