Odds are you’ve probably watched Taj Gibson’s dunks a few times. Maybe a few hundred, if you’re a real crazy. Or a few thousand, if you’re a Bulls fan. Either way, since you’re an NBA fan on the Internet, it’s safe to assume you’ve watched those clips at least once. That is just logical reasoning.

But that also makes you way different than Taj Gibson, who claims he’s yet to see the dunks. Sounds dubious, but that’s what he told ESPN Chicago’s Waddle and Silvy, via Sports Radio Interviews:

On which of his two dunks he liked better:

“I don’t really remember them to tell you the truth. It’s been a roller-coaster ride. I’m just happy we got the win.”

So he’s saying he didn’t go home and watch highlights of his two impressive dunks?

“I swear, I haven’t even watched any film on it. Everybody just keeps texting me about it, but I honestly didn’t even watch it.”

His reaction to hearing Marv Albert’s call of his second dunk and Reggie Miller’s ‘I’ve been to the mountain and back’ comment:

[Laughing] Sounds amazing.”

Wait. Either Taj Gibson is a filthy liar or Tom Thibodeau actually hasn’t had the team watch film yet? Doesn’t seem very Thibodeau-esque and Taj’s goatee is very suspicious, but I guess we can give him the benefit of the doubt.

Besides, I guess if you’re the one doing the dunks, you don’t really need to watch them. They are imprinted on your brain, and you can just pull up the memory in a splitsecond. It’s not like he forgot what happened. Judging by his smile, I’d guess he’s thought about it a few million times.