TBJ Top 5, featuring double Ds

Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks
This is the kind of series that no one really has a grasp on. Both teams have totally unguardable players, they’re both capable of playing great defense and they both wear blue jerseys that feature a shade which cannot be found in nature. Pretty even, if you ask me.

NBA Draft Lottery (8:30pm ET — ESPN)
What else are you going to watch? Baseball?

Gimme This Kyle Korver Hot Sauce T-Shirt
If your friends are like my friends, then you guys always yell “Gimme the hot sauce!” for no reason. That’s why you should buy this shirt. Waaaaaaaay less annoying.

Diet Coke Rocket to the Face
This is what you get for trying out a meme from six years ago.

The Cosby Sweater Project
Some dude is going through every episode of “The Cosby Show” and drawing all the sweaters. It’s even better than it sounds.