Last year, The Basketball Jones visited a psychic to predict the results of the NBA Draft Lottery. She stole our money and invested it in tube-tops. So this year, we decided to do something a little more scientific involving an industrial-strength fan, a stand-up shower, and a blindfolded Greek man. You’re welcome.

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Comments (34)

  1. Hahaha this is hilarious!

    Next time switch the ballots for a bag of Bees once Tas has been blindfolded.

  2. hahaah this is great.


  3. I can’t watch this now but I’m looking forward to…. I loled (in a library) at the “blindfolded greek man” as a device.

  4. It’s funny..even though I read the headline, the suspense of who would win still got to me.


  6. How can you argue with science ? Although some scientists claim Chris Bosh is a man, so it’s not 100% reliable…

  7. Absolutely fantastic. The gold standard…

  8. Tas’ dance reminded me of the Hedo dance, funny stuff guys

  9. Hahahaha what the hell was the point of the fire extinguisher?

    Great stuff!

  10. This actually becomes science once you’ve made this experience about 1000 times. Then you have a % of chance for every team to win, which is exactly what we already have…. Yay! Statistics rule/suck (depending on the number of people you ask and how you ask the question)

  11. Nice work gentlemen, I’m curious to see if your prediction will turn out right tonight.

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  13. Grrrrreaaat!

    Laughing my ass off!

  14. Now how is this science explained? They all said Cavaliers.

  15. i watched this 3 times in an row and it still makes me laugh

  16. I’m pulling for Sactown man. One piece with Tyreke and Cousins, and that team is pretty legit. Derrick Williams is a beast.

  17. Gold!

    Lucky Skeets had goggles on…

  18. And of course you guys were right!!! Cavs get the #1 pick! You can’t fool science!!!!! :-)

  19. This should get a shout out from Dan Gilbert.

  20. Next, can you give me the Lotto numbers for next week’s draw?

    Great work as always.

  21. I don’t think Matty O released all 100 slips into the hyperbaric chamber BEFORE Tas swiped the Cavs. Sorry Nick Gilbert, I’m still not buying it. Redo.


  22. Wow they were right, unfortunately for Raptor fans.

  23. Are you guys wizards?

  24. i dont understand what the fire extinguisher was there for? =P

  25. didnt you guys get this right last year as well? obviously not luck

  26. Wow, The Cavs did get the #1 pick. I think you guys have insider! LOL

  27. an insider. (sorry)

  28. Guys – I bow in worship.

    Ça y est – nce!

  29. You guys should be syndicated instead of ESPN, spot on! And perhaps LAC should have kept their pick instead of shipping it to CLE. The guy from Arizona doesn’t look too shabby:
    Baron/Gordon/Williams/Griffin/DeAndre vs
    MoWill/Gordon/Crap/Griffin/DeAndre (not much confidence in Aminu acid/Gomes/Moon)

    I called it. Any thoughts?

  30. Just saw a post where you correctly guessed WAS last year as well (would love to see a link). Science says coincidence, the cosmos says you guys have mystical powers. Um…

  31. @TBJftx– we went to a psychic last year. I wouldn’t say she got it exactly right, but she did say vague, meandering things that one could give meaning if one were so inclined.

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