You know, if Batting Stance Guy can get a book deal out of impersonating Pete Incaviglia’s batting style, then the NBA should at least be able to get someone Internet famous for mimicking various signature shots. So thanks, Harlem Globetrotter Dizzy Grant, for being the first of hopefully many NBA impersonators.

In fact, if you TBJers were to record yourselves doing NBA impersonations, I’d be more than happy to post them. Just saying.

(via B-R)

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  1. Wow!
    That’s fantastic!
    Even the facial expressions are awesome!

    And I hate LeBron’s shot even more seeing it in a nutshell (and performed by a guy with less athlethicism). I mean: it’s quick, but it seems it’s only random if the ball goes in or not.

  2. That was hilarious! It looked just like them!

  3. niiiice!!! wanna see more!

  4. I can’t stop watching this! MJ and Kobe are especially great!

  5. Check out Dizzy’s impressions of Chuck Hayes, Shawn Marion, Dennis Rodman, Bill Cartwright, and Kevin Garnett – just posted on the Harlem Globetrotters YouTube Channel –

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