On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and Dr. Tas breakdown one of “The Greatest Playoff Performances of All-Time.” (Um, it is, right?) Game 1 Thunder/Mavs topics include: Dirk’s 48 points on 15 shots, that touchy officiating, Scotty Brooks and the Thunder’s to double or not to double dilemma, Westbrook’s aggressively bad game, OKC’s pathetic transition D, Barea goin’ crazy, The Nate Experiment, and much, much more. All that, plus, TBJ’s Top 5 Random Moments from last night’s NBA Draft Lottery. Enjoy, and chime in below.

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Comments (24)

  1. remember when kobe scored 40pts, on 40shots Dirk did the exact opposite

  2. As I was watching the game, it seemed like the refs were calling really weak calls on the Thunder…even though the fouls & free throws were relatively even b/t the two teams. I know this happens in soccer often where the refs give a yellow card for a weak foul and then are stuck calling the rest of the game like that. Do you guys think that this is how the refs called this game – ticky-tak fouls early, and then felt the need to call everything little thing for consistency reasons the rest of the game?

  3. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=tuggles

    Think this is what Kevin Johnson had in mind?

  4. huge fan but that planking thing at the start really wasnt funny. youre better than that.

  5. WHAT was that cold open about your friends in Australia?

  6. You’re a planking natural Skeets!! Though as soon as I heard about this latest craze, I destroyed my Australian passport out of shame.

  7. Sick lay, Skeets, but I’m over planking. Surprise trust falls is where it’s at.


  9. Dan Gilbert used his son last night to win back some of the support of fans. I know, I know I’m an asshole for writing this, and I really am an asshole in real life, not just blogs. But I can’t come to a different conclusion, especially after reading the comic-sans letter from a year ago in which Dan revealed a lot of his character.

    When I look at that guys face…something tells me not to trust a single thing that guy says or does. It looks to me like he wants to use his son to win a PR battle. So FUCK HIM. AND FUCK THE HORSE HE RODE IN ON.

  10. Skeets with the Explainabrag about how Kevin Johnson used a Skeetism…

  11. Skeets: Sure, the Germans are known for “Goose-stepping,” but I don’t think we should name Dirk’s move after fascist marching styles.

  12. I don’t get the beginning where Skeets is fucking the table… And if only Bargnani had Nomisski’s mindset…Heather Cox ftw

  13. this is skeet, “fuck fuck fuck.”

  14. Saying Durant has been “wishy washy” seems like a pretty big overstatement.

  15. I go with Tas re: defending Dirk. I think it is way more likely that the Mavs EITHER get some TOs on or after Dirk’s pass OR stop hitting their threes, than it is that Dirk stops torching whoever is on him.

    Disagree though with the theory that OKC had swept Memphis if the games would have been called as close as yesterday. Don’t forget that the Thunder got away with hacking Randolph and Gasol quite a bit. Anyway, the Refs were terrible yesterday, they stopped a great game from happening.

  16. finzent: They were saying that MEM would have swept OKC, not the other way around.

  17. “thanksforjoiningandremember: [...]”
    nice :D

    planking: also nice! didn’t know about that before. this means i just got schooled by skeets. and the comment section. nice way to get schooled.

    @caesar: goose-stepping isn’t a fascist marching style per se, duh

  18. ps btw i love how “science!” is the new go-to phrase now. it’s like a new narvous!

  19. Plank you for the opening Skeets!

  20. “Planking” – the as yet surest sign we will not make it.

  21. Where the fuck was the foul supposedly committed on Durant’s first-half swing-through move on the right baseline?! Such refereeing is more imaginative than ticky-tak.

  22. planking makes me a sad australian.

  23. @ DanH:

    Oops, you’re totally right, I misheard that.

    In my defense, though, saying that MEM would have swept OKC if the games had been called this close does not support Skeet’s and Tasses (Tassesses?) point about closely called games favouring the Thunder. So I guess I just heard what would have made more sense to say and thus am totally cleared of writing something stupid. QED.

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