LeBron James is sick, yo

“I’m taking everything you can get it from 7-Eleven. I’ve been sick since we got here.”LeBron James, who is fighting a cold with Slurpees and taquitos

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  1. That’s right, start making excuses now so when you lose tonight you have that to fall back on. Or, if you win, it makes you look incredible.

    Karl Malone recently was complaining about constantly having to hear about players injuries. I agree…man up and play the game! I have to work when I’m sick and don’t feel a need to let everybody know.

  2. [...] Top 5 on May 18, 2011 Miami Heat at Chicago Bulls Hopefully LeBron got some vital nutrients in his Super Big Gulp Sprite, that way he’s 100 percent for tonight’s game. Otherwise, those 3am taquitos are going [...]

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