Between his field goal attempts and free throws, Dirk Nowitzki took 39 different shots last night. He made 36. That’s incredible, no doy. I bet none of us could make 36-of-39 if they were layups and we were unguarded. And when you consider the fact that Dirk was guarded, that makes his performance even more ridiculous.

So ridiculous that even Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Scott Brooks had to laugh about it.

From The Oklahoman:

In preparation for Game 1, Oklahoma City Thunder coach Scott Brooks told Serge Ibaka not to get demoralized if Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki started hitting shots on Tuesday night inside American Airlines Center.

“When I did say that, I didn’t think he was going to make (that) many shots,” Brooks joked of Nowitzki.

That’s how on Dirk has been this postseason. The opposing coach admits he told his players to expect Dirk to hit shots, only that blew up in his face when Dirk went even crazier than expected. When another team’s coach is joking about how well you played, then you played pretty well.

The real hard part is what Brooks tells his team next. Most of the time, he’d say something along the lines of “There’s no way he shoots like that again.” But with Dirk, that’s a legitimate concern. Every shot he takes seems like it’s going in, to the point that when he misses it’s surprising. How do you go in a locker room and tell your team that that guy won’t be able to do that again? Being an NBA coach is rough.