Dallas Mavericks 121, Oklahoma City Thunder 112
Sure, Dirk Nowitzki was the beneficiary of some iffy foul calls that seemed to emanate from a herd mentality from the referees. But that doesn’t change the fact that he went for 48 points on 15 shots, which is hilarious when you consider that 15 made threes doesn’t even equal 48 points. Incredible performance for Dirk who had me laughing the entire night because of his jab steb-jab step-pump fake-shoot some free throws possessions that would be immediately followed by jab step-jab step-no pump fake-hit a jumper possessions. It was almost mean the way he was working all the Thunder who tried to guard him.

Cleveland Cavaliers 1, Draft Lottery 0

(absolutely killer headline via Darren Rovell)

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  1. It’s not like Dirk was the only beneficiary of foul calls. Durant took 19 free throws and Westbrook took 18. Westbrook finished with 20 points, shooting 3-15…


  2. I don’t know why people keep saying X points on Y shots

    making a shot takes up 1 possession as does getting fouled and making 2 free throws

    So really, Dirk had 48 points on about 25 possessions (which is still amazing, obviously)

  3. Wouldn’t a 3-point play count for the same possession though?

  4. I guess, if you think having two hands on a player who has the ball in the post is “iffy”…
    Most people just call it the rules.

  5. @ Jerry, that’s why I said about 25

    I’m sure you could do something like FGA + ((FTA/2) * 0.9)

    to account for the and-1s and technical/3-second free throws

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