On today’s NBA Playoff Fix, Skeets and Tas break down Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Topics include: Udonis Haslem’s heart, LeBron’s final four minutes, the Heat’s crisp and frequent ball movement, Rose’s long night, Bibby’s decent defense (WHAT?), The Iron Omer Asik’s bloody neck, a whole bunch of free throws, and much, much more. All that, plus thoughts on TNT’s high-angle zip-line camera, as well as Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s “I want a damn statue!” comments. Enjoy.

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Comments (24)

  1. That’s going to make for an akward statue unveiling.

  2. The zip cam was awesome, felt like i was watching/playing a video game

  3. mike bibby is goldberg

  4. It’s a me, LeBron! I steal-a the basketball!

  5. I think its Michael Jordan who’s jersey is retired in Miami for no reason.

  6. Blocked!!!

    Come on guys get with the program!

    Disappointed again

    Can’t you throw this on podbean or something?

  7. Now the Lakers have no choice but to skip the statue and dedicate a holographic image of Jabar at Staples!

  8. Maybe the NBA should just initiate a wax museum to it’s hall of famers and be done with it.

  9. Any camera but standard camera is terrible.

  10. Trey Kerby: against change. In other news, get off his lawn.

  11. Skeets, what does Oprah have to do with the Bulls’n'Heat not playing till Sunday?

  12. Vesper: Very little, actually. But Oprah did fuck up the front end of the series. They were supposed to go Mon. and Wed., but she needed the United Center, so they had to start the series a day earlier. Hence, the ridiculous Sun-Wed-Sun.

  13. Buddy: Get iTunes. Or move.

  14. Hey, everyone: skinny pants syndrome (SPS) is real and it’s a problem: http://tinyurl.com/6kz49zr

  15. Kareem Abdul Jabitch sounds like a little punk. His jersey number is fucking retired for God’s sake.

  16. Fuck you Tas Melas. You’re an ugly ass motherfucker.

  17. Actually, fuck you JE Skeets. You need to get laid someday, you sound like a kid whose balls haven’t dropped yet.

    Love the basketball analysis though.

  18. “Zip” cam is a solid concept but better executed if they would keep the damned thing still.

    Frankly, I thought the game eminently watchable. Nothing obscene about a bunch of athletic plays, especially at the rim, and superb defense. I laud the Chicago crowd for their rousing recognition of Noah’s great post D on Bosh early on.

    In light of Mo al Fayed’s statued honouring of Michael Jackson outside Fulham FC’s Craven Cottage perhaps, instead of Kareem, Buss ought to reciprocate the gesture and commission a bronzed Hugh Grant at Staples.

  19. Heat defense was great down the stretch.

    That was some beautiful shit last night. How can you not love a grind it out game like that. I prefer this series over the other one for that very reason.

  20. No question Tas is right about the precedent that the Lakers set by building the statues. That is what puts it in Kareem’s head.

    BUT – can you think of any more obvious rule of public relations than not saying you’re upset that a statue of you has not been built??

    So dumb, now when he’s at the ceremony being honored when the statue finally does go up. Nobody’s going to be thinking about what a good moment it is — they’re just going to be thinking “what an asshole”.

    Bill Russell handles this shit correctly.

  21. Yeah, what kind of self-appreciating asshole gets upset about not having a statue made in his honour? Kareem’s a goof. I don’t give a shit if he’s ‘right’ and he deserves one. Dude’s a goof.

    Love the Zip camera. You can see all of the lanes and spacing so clearly. It does need to stay still though, as someone mentioned above. Or at least tone down the movement.

  22. Yeah, it’s definitely Michael Jordan’s jersey that is retired in Miami. He was the best of all-time… but he was better in Cleveland than in Miami, for example.

  23. If I was Kareem I’d be thankful if I didn’t have a statue, have you seen that Pippen one?
    Although the dude was in game of death with Bruce Lee. So people better move on it.

    Does Chuck Norris have a statue?

    Name a sandwich after Kareem?
    Or a bar? The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Bar

  24. LIke other commenters I enjoyed watching the close Game 2 “tuggle” between the Heat and Bulls.

    A bit of a strobe effect going on with Skeets’ shirt. The lesson here is never go away from wearing plaid.

    Did I mishear or did Skeets say that Halsem hit a “Russian jumper”?

    About that 2nd Haslem dunk that Tas says Rose could’ve blocked…he actually got a piece of the ball causing Haslem to almost lose it…made the dunk that much more impressive.

    De La Hoya’s record at Staples Center: 1 fight. 1 loss.
    Definite statue material.

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