Kevin Durant’s backpack is the must-have accessory of the postseason. It’s been everywhere, blowing up the fashion mags, runways and postgame press conferences like a Balenciaga hobo bag showing up on the arm of some Hollywood starlet. I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but this bookbag has a chance to become the new The Rachel. High praise, indeed.

Very soon, you’ll be able to hop on this trend. From the Oklahoman:

Everyone wants a piece of Kevin Durant these days.

Soon, you can have one.

Coming to a store near you — the KD backpack.

The accessory that will eventually hit shelves as part of the Thunder superstar’s Nike KD III line has become all the rage during these playoffs. It’s not just that Durant wears the backpack to every postgame press conference. He also leaves it on the entire time.

Great news, fashionistas? Or greatest news? Now you can finally get your hands on The Kevin Durant Backpack after nearly a month of excellent pre-sale marketing by the slender sartorialist. You can’t buy the kind of buzz that Durant has generated by wearing his knapsack during all those press conferences. This thing is so hot right now.

No word yet on when the bag will be released, but you can bet that it’s debut will be met with long lines, overnight campouts and the kind of craziness usually reserved for the newest Apple products, which, incidentally, Durant often carries in his backpack. Price is also not yet known, though similar Nike models run anywhere from $60-90.

Or, if you want that authentic little kid look, you could just check your mom’s basement. I’m sure she’s very sentimental and has saved all of your various bookbags from your grade school days. Either way, stay strapped.