Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks
It is pretty hilarious to think that Dirk Nowitzki missing one free throw and going 11-15 from the field would be an improvement, but that’s the kind of post-legendary performance kind of society we live in these days.

Best NBA Uniforms Poll
Sports Illustrated’s Andy Gray put together a neat little thing where you can vote on the best uniform for each team. For whatever reason, my preference were almost always the lowest ranked choice. Like those Hawks jerseys with the actual hawk on them weren’t awesome. Pssht.

Best Child Rap About the Haters
Your contenders: Locomotive Curt and Yung Funk. Choose wisely.

Best New Japanese Sport
From now on, The Basketball Jones will become The Whatever This Is Called Jones because holy smokes this is an incredible sport. It’s like King of the Mountain plus rugby plus a mosh pit at Woodstock ’94.

Best New Talk Show Host
Bert from “Sesame Street,” obviously. He’s talking to Andy Samberg of “Saturday Night Live,” and he’s a total natural, except for the part where he is made from foam and felt.

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  1. Point of clarification: That is an image of a hawk, not an “actual hawk” (which would be must better)

  2. I love the ATL ones because I feel they resonate with the city itself.

  3. I don’t see how hitting 12 field goals in a games can become “legendary”, unless at least 10 of them are three-pointers.

    Seriously, I get the 48 points and all, which is not bad by any means, but 24 free throws… I mean come on. Look at every single 45-points plus game of the past 25 years (playoffs), most players shot less then 15 free throws. In fact Nowitzki’s 24 lead the way. I cannot consider a performance “impressive” when half your points are scored without any defense.

    Heck, Iverson had 52 in ’01, shot 65% from the field, hit 8 treys and went to the line for two shots the whole game. Now that’s a legendary performance.

  4. Hey does anybody else think the sound is a little weird in the game? Something is a little off, the announcing team sounds like they’re broadcasting in a separate room and not in the stadium.

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