It continues to surprise me that Kevin Durant finished this season seventh in dunks because he doesn’t seem like a cram it on your head type of dude. But it turns out that’s exactly the type of dude he is. Sorry, Brendan.

(via Jose3030)

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  1. Durant: “Haywood you blow me…”

  2. This is the first Durant dunk I have replayed. Welcome to the show young fella.

    Peja should send Haywood some flowers.

  3. his “I’m a bad man” face is in direct contrast to his “I’m wearing a backpack” face. Neither face is as funny as when Kobe puts on that sneer that makes him look like he’s trying to impersonate Billy Idol.

  4. I love that Kobe is not in the playoffs and is still showing up in almost every single post or comments section. Makes me smile.

    Nice, KD. Very, very nice.

  5. Hmm, isn’t KD going after Haywood once he got uo off the floor? From the way that he fell down I think Haywood actually pushed him at the end? After KD threw the ball?

    Seeing KD angry is a funny sight :) He’s so NOT intimidating.

  6. @ Tracy Morgan:

    Just my opinion – I don’t think Kobe is just “one of the better players” that just got eliminated… See how MJ pops up, even tho he is not even in uniform for quite a while ;) We’re just used to seeing him as a contender each and every year (exept the ona that LA stank) so I think it’s reasonable.

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