A week ago, Dirk Nowitzki was very happy because Mark Cuban had been relatively quiet during this postseason. Dirk said it was “probably a good thing” that Cuban had kept his mouth shut, because “it should be about the players and not the owner.”

But a man like Mark Cuban can only take so much. After two games that saw his team shoot fewer free throws than their opponents, Cuban had to pipe up about the refs. Had to. No other choice. After all, this is Mark Cuban we’re talking about. From ESPN:

While walking off the court, Cuban loudly asked officiating supervisor Bernie Fryer what he thought of the performance of referees Greg Willard, Bill Spooner and Tom Washington.

A longtime NBA referee who was seated behind press row at the American Airlines Center, Fryer told Cuban that he thought Thursday night’s crew had been “great” in the first half.

“Are you kidding me?” Cuban replied. “You’re not watching the same game I am.”

Cuban complained about moving screens and defensive three-second violations by the Thunder that he felt should have been called, among other things.

“Horrible,” Cuban said.

There’s the Mark Cuban we all know and tolerate. Love that he’s doing this behind closed doors, in the hopes that he’ll avoid one of those massive fines that mean so little to him. He’s been complaining about refs for a long time, so it’s good to see he’s picked up some tricks to keep his stacks fat.

However, I’m not entirely sure what Cubedawg is complaining about. The Mavericks have been called for one less foul than the Thunder in the two games they’ve played thus far, so that seems a bit odd. Plus, the Thunder shot two more free throws than the Mavericks last night and seven more on Tuesday, and that’s not a huge discrepancy. Word up on Kendrick Perkins setting moving screens and hanging out in the lane, but those are pretty nitpicky things to be nitpicking about. It’s almost like he was just complaining to complain.

Nonetheless, even though Dirk will probably have the sads over it, it’s good to have the real Mark Cuban back. Sure, it’s nice when he’s staying silent as his team suffers minor injustices, but it’s just not the same.

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  1. The man is a dick. He’s the main reason Dallas is atop my list of most-hated teams in the league.

  2. I don’t think they’ve swung either game so far, but I thought I’d chime in that just looking at FT discrepancy seems like a silly (if, yes, convenient and far quicker than looking at every call) way to judge it, especially since the Thunder are a far more physical team than the Mavs.

    But as I said I don’t think the refs have been too bad in terms of being unfair, they’ve just called terrible stuff on both sides. And even calls that are valid in this series are 90% ticky-tack fouls which I abhor. I didn’t tune in to watch KD and Dirk shoot free throws, even with strokes like that.

  3. Calling the same amount of fouls and keeping the free throws attempted even is not good officiating. Teams do not foul at the same rate and you have to account for when teams are in the penatly where non shooting fouls merit you free throws (as was the case of Dirk in game 1).
    All mark cuban wants is consistency. If you call it on one end, call it on the other end and don’t hand out make up calls and complimentary “and 1′s”.
    Dallas played terrible in game 2. They lost the game on their own. The officiating didn’t help either. This wasn’t an 06 screw job, but the officiating was so inconsistent.
    Bad calls happen to both teams, but I remember a distinct amount of fouls called against dallas where no contact was made while an okc player was shooting. Resulting in free throws.

  4. he should shut up. have u heard any complains when refs gave dirk some phantom fouls or touch fouls that shouldn’t be whistled? those 24fts in game 1 is straight hoax.

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